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    I AM the Present [Christmas YCH]

    Dunno what to give your friend for Christmas? Why not wrap yourself and become the present? I made this as a joke originally but I decided to make it a YCH for people to have their OCs all wrapped up for Christmas. :3 this YCH is $5-$10 depending on the complexity of the character and any...
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    randa's recent art dump

    yeehaw it's been quite a while since i've actually talked on here, so imma just drop some of my recent works that i've done <0/ put them in spoilers bc they were huge images-- beware, some are human and furry art :0 Here's some random OC art n whatnot, some are from comics I'm trying to...
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    Need Practice... [SFW+NSFW]

    So, I'm currently moving away from Furry Amino (for personal reasons) so I need to re-establish myself elsewhere since I'm now on a bigger platform. One of the primary things I'd like to expand on is what I do with commissions, especially with NSFW, but I need a bit more experience since I've...
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    Randa's comms dump

    Agh, I finally finished a bunch of commissions recently. I never really got to show them off so I'll show the ones I'm really proud of ^^
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    hot shark dad (repost) | comm

    aaaaaa so I wanted to start on NSFW/Pinup commissions and my first customer for it was my friend, Hatred on furry amino im so proud of thisssss Also, reposted bc the image link broke
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    ✨Randa's Toon Shop✨ | SFW + NSFW!

    Welcome to RANDALIEREN's ✨Toon Art Shop!✨ Art Style: Toon/Anime-Inspired Work Experience: 11 years of digital art experience, 5 years of selling experience. I'm able to draw just about anything from anthros, ferals, humans and humanoid creatures! I can also work off of a description with...
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    2018 Redesigns

    So I have two sonas of mine-- Randalieren, my main sona and Oz De'Grace, my other sona that's more of a character-- that I absolutely adore and I just redesigned them both recently. i love them both ;w; (will give info about them if asked)
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    y e e t

    ok, i'm not really new, but it's been like 5 million years since i've posted here. What's good my dudes, my name is Randalieren, but people call me Rand or Randa. I'm a college sophomore and a digital artist of 11 years~ Age: Unknown (18 going on 19) Species: Cat/Shapeshifting Demon/Incubus...
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    Cartoon Anthro Art - Starting at $5! [SFW and NSFW]

    Hey, looking for some good, cartoony, cel-shaded or rendered art at a good price? Well, you came to the right place! I do just about any type of species, no matter how obscure. Just tell me exactly what you want and it's yours! I even do NSFW if you so please~ CHIBIS: $5 ICONS: $5 BUST: $10...
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    Oz's Art Box Dump - Commissions

    So as of late I've done a lot of commissions and I have yet to post any so I might as well drop some of my works that I've done so far in the past month or so :3 That's it for now! <3 -Daddy Oz
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    Some of My Art :3

    Heya, it's Oz, I just thought I'd share a bit of my art here and whatnot :3 Sorry for the massive spam ;w;
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    Heya, I'm new (kinda) ^^

    Hi there, I'm Randalieren, otherwise known as Oz (or Daddy Oz). I'm not exactly new to furaffinity but I am a bit new to the forums. I'm 17, I love drawing and designing ocs, roleplaying with mine and others' ocs, and I like to get to know people. :3 My fursona is a panda named Oz De'Grace...