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random chat

  1. D

    Any Nihilists Here?

    Any nihilists in the fandom? If so, who is your favorite nihilistic philosopher? I find the topic of nihilism interesting to discuss with people who follow it. It is definitely something to learn more about.
  2. J

    Random Discussion

    I dont know if we already have one of these, but here you can say whatever! I dont have any rules myself so just follow the site rules, Mmkay?
  3. ProperZombie

    I think this is better than omegle

    Hello fellow furries, I don't think many of you know about this app, but i'm hoping I can get more people on it. The program is called Chatous, it's on mobile devices too. I hope we can get more people using it, because it could be a great place to meet other furs :3