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  1. Sphinxx92

    Free Art (SFW) OPEN

    I really want to draw but lack any motivation to do anything for myself. So yeah, I'd like some excuse to draw for y'all. Posted example is what I'd do essentially. I'm dirt at drawing but I need the practice. Just post your reference either picture or text. I'll try to do at least one, I'm kind...
  2. Guifrog

    Connect Word Pairs

    This came up randomly from a chat with a friend. Try giving the next poster a pair of words, and their job is to connect them with a chain of words as they deem fair; then, give another pair of words to the user below. Kinda Word Association, but mutated. I'll give a few examples: You may...
  3. Raever

    [CLOSED] Sacrifice your Sonas [3/3]

    Alright lovely members of FA/FAF, here's the deal. I'm holding a Raffle (of sorts). The name of the game is simple, you put your character reference below - and I get an art piece including them (paid for, of course) including my character. It will all be SFW so no NSFW art will be done for...
  4. DragonSam98

    How often do you recieve requests?

    Hi! New guy here. *waves awkwardly* I've only recently begun posting my art. It's not much, just a few posters I've thrown together in source filmmaker, like a dozen, and now I've gotten several people asking for requests. Is this normal? *edit* I should mention that I may have opened the...
  5. Rap Daniel

    The Old Switcheroo

    Switch the words of an idiom, phrase, TV show name, movie title etc. around so it's funny! "Mr. Burns Shot Who?" Or completely random! "Force you be may with the."
  6. Bluefiremark II


    Step one: Go to this site: www.bestrandoms.com: Random Superpower Generator | Best Random Tools Step 2: generate either one or two superpowers, no more than two. (And don't cheat and lie about the powers you get or reroll. Then what's even the point of doing this?) Step 3: comment below what...
  7. TR273

    Where do your ideas come from?

    Ok a few things have prompted this thread, a conversation with a friend and a chat in LPW. Here’s the question: Where do your ideas come from? For anything creative (Drawing, painting, writing, character creation, RP, anything) For some of mine (I’m mostly cartooning) I draw some inspiration...
  8. ghostilee

    (Commission) Selling: Random Art ($10)

    HEY! You don't know me yet, do ya? My name is Lee and I can't get hired so here you can buy some art from me to help me out to get to college! :D What will I get? Okay well this is an easy one, you'll get... Something random! You can say what you want but it doesn't mean that's what you'll...
  9. Guifrog

    AMA (mimicking edition)

    Ask a question as if someone else was asking it to you. The person below has to answer it in your place, based on what they think you (or your sona) would say; they may also mimic your behavior for added effect! It's alright if you don't know the user above you - the avatar alone, or even the...
  10. Kylan Velpa

    Random Facts

    Here's how it works: Post a random fact. The way I think it would be funniest is random facts about yourself or your Sona, but you can post whatever weird info you like! ------------------------------------------------------------------ I really liked the Mr Men when I was little, and...
  11. Le Chat Nécro

    What Type of Pokemon Are You (Quiz)

    Fun fact: I have never played a Pokemon Game before. Another fun fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with personality tests. So I have no real reason to take a quiz reporting to tell me what type of Pokemon I am, but I did, and these were the results: I have no idea what it means to be a...
  12. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    Bored Bun

    When you're in a long distance relationship and the only thing your boyfriend wants to do is get lewd and won't focus on anything else than that! So.....Now I'm bored.... With all my other friends gone and asleep, I have no one else to attend to me. Someone unbored me!
  13. 00099988drak

    Crazy Traders

    I'm opening up to crazy art traders. What it mean is that one OC and an other character From tv, game etc. doing something together. I want to see what you can up with as I have many crazy random ideas.
  14. Yakamaru

    Game: The Bumped Into Game!

    The person above you bumped into someone and/or something when walking around a corner. And possibly something happened? What and/or who did you bump into? Feel free to make a longer post if you want to!
  15. Aika the manokit

    Random character ideas

    Have you ever just browsed the internet or just lay in bed and suddenly you had an idea for a furry character? If so, this is where you can either tell me about them or just use this conversation to give them some life. I'm down for either.
  16. Leo Whitepaw


    I didn't see a tread about this already, soo; I made one :3 Feel free to call me an attention whore:D Basically, post whatever twokinds-related thing in here. twokinds.keenspot.com: Page 1 - Twokinds
  17. D

    Random act of kindness! a c

    Tag any furry and say you love them and every second of their life is worth living!
  18. Le Chat Nécro

    The User Above You is a Magical Girl

    What is their Magical Girl Name, transformation/catch phrase and finishing move? (eg. Sailor Moon, "moon prism power, makeup!" or "in the name of the moon, I will punish you!", and throwing her tiara at bad guys like a frisbee. Or, if you're a fan of Miraculous Lady Bug, Chat Noir, "claws...
  19. Le Chat Nécro

    Taur Talk

    Personally, I never really considered myself a fan of furry "taur" characters- seems a bit redundant, honestly, particularly when top and bottom halves are the same species- but I came across this post on Tumblr and I have to admit these look pretty awesome. Like, that Doberman is character...
  20. SlyRiolu


    I've noticed a few things while having a kangaroo as my fursona one, we will usually go for natural colors, two, we have AMAZING taste in species and three, some people just have ears that are different from the original. You have me with these ears, you have Pocari, you have Kenga from Winnie...