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  1. E

    "Once in a Blue Moon" has never been so literal

    There's going to be not one, but TWO Supermoons in January (1/2 and 1/31). Making the second Supermoon a rare Blue Moon. And AND! During the Jan 31st Super Blue Moon, there will be a Lunar Eclipse!!! Unfortunately I will not be in a prime viewing location during the event, but it's...
  2. connortheskunk

    Thread for Lovers of Present Perfect Tense

    I always love using present perfect tense when I write. It sounds so much better than past simple tense. For those that don't know, past simple tense is just the normal past tense that you learned in school. "She went to the store." Present perfect tense is like simple past tense; they both...
  3. Austin Silver

    Card Throwing

    Hello everyone, I have been throwing standard playing cards for about three years now. I must say it is fun to annoy people, give them paper cuts when they piss me off at poker, and chop vegetables in half. How many others out there throw cards as well, and have used Banshees. Was just...
  4. Voodooracer84

    Any Mona fans online?

    Hello there and welcome back. I just got done faving two Mona pics by Speeds and I was wondering if there are any Mona fans online?. I'm a huge fan of Mona from the WarioWare series and I even have her as my waifu of choice. However, there doesn't seem to be that many Mona fans here on...
  5. B

    [closed] A random strange is drawing for you for freeeeeeeee :3

    hodely dodely. its me .. your random stranger trying to get some more art practice so i do free digital drawing. also do nsfw. Just give me some jucy practice. your request is accepted when i give you a like
  6. E

    Things that must be really hard for anthros

    Everybody likes to think about how cool animal people are and how awesome their lives would be, but no one wants to think about how hard life would actually be like if anthros actually existed. Like just think about hats. Millinery is already a hard profession, but now you've got to design...
  7. bhutrflai

    Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis???

    So, Okami just had a fluke on his phone & I thought it would make a good thread... Pick a button on your autofill & press it 20 times. Same button, 20 times. Easy peasey, right? This should be pretty good. I'll start it off... I am very interested to know if I had a great time. The next...
  8. bhutrflai

    Random Thoughts & Ponderings

    Just wanted a place to put things that make you say hmm. Or wtf (in a good way). Not really for a laugh. Or to be dark. Just totally random stuff. Think Open Chat, but with memes.
  9. R

    The Forest

    Scenario: You(your fursona or OC of choice) are walking through the park, and you notice an overgrown trail. Curious you walk along it. About half an hour later, you reach a clearing, imideately noticing a large circle of stones with carvings on them on your right and a crystal clear lake on...
  10. OpticFurry

    hay guys ^#^}/ I'm new and I draw nsfw

    lol ...um hay soo first time on the thread .. my name is Opticfurry.. lol but you can just call me optic um Yea so if you wanna check me out and be friends i'd love to chat and share artwork also if you want to know abit about me just ask . - 20Yrs old -Anime fan/artist Hentai fan/artist...
  11. Valisha

    What is the worst/most disgusting video you have seen?

    Mine was church of fudge. It was funny as first, but then my eyes had to washed with bleach afterwards.
  12. Samandriel Morningstar

    Incoming care package!

    I'll be posting random pictures I draw for people here,it'll be without notice but I'll only be drawing Fursonas I know that have been asking for art and stuff. But yeah,enjoy. (This is not a request thread,so please do not ask for anything,this is simply a gift/surprise thread.) The first...