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rap daniel

  1. Rap Daniel

    FINALLY, my sona has more art!

    And FINALLY he's got his wizard apparel on! Art (c) Cheebo on the main site And look on the shoulder, @Guifrog!
  2. Rap Daniel


    I'll post which one is correct in a week! Choose wisely! You can't change your mind!
  3. Rap Daniel

    I found a little frog friend :D

    He's so cute!! He even lets me pat his little head when he does that! I love him so much!! *dies of cuteness* No homo XD
  4. Rap Daniel

    My sona as an SCP

    I don't own SCP.
  5. Rap Daniel

    Main Site Google is removing support for Flash

    What's the game plan for when this happens? A lot of animations are Flash-based, so they won't work.
  6. Rap Daniel

    I need your opinions!

    In games like War Thunder where I can unlock vehicles from many different countries, I always prefer to unlock American vehicles. Why do you guys think I do that?
  7. Rap Daniel

    Words of the Wizarding World(First draft)

    Here's the first draft! Very incomplete, I know. Tell me if I've already messed up, would you guys?
  8. Rap Daniel

    My review of Cartoon Network's (and ZAG's) Power Players

    I'm not a professional critic. This is just my opinion of the show. I like it. The characters are likeable, voice acting is really well done, and the animation is good, but lackluster at times. The 'morals' of each episode can get pretty cheesy, but it's not too bad. Overall, I think Power...
  9. Rap Daniel

    Have you ever noticed that every law firm commercial has the same phone number sound?

    Every commercial for every law firm I've ever seen uses the same sound when they show you their phone number. What's that about?
  10. Rap Daniel

    Sketchbook: My sister did a sketch of my scalesona!

    I love it so much, it fits him so well! What do you guys think?
  11. Rap Daniel

    Is Rap a Muggle-born or a half-blood?

    He was created genetically at Jurassic World by the Muggles there, using half Raptor DNA and half human DNA. The human was a wizard(think Harry Potter) and now Rap is a third year at Hogwarts. But he still has no idea whether to call himself a half-blood or Muggle-born. Which do you guys think...
  12. Rap Daniel

    Interesting facts that no one needed to know

    In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the word 'had' is used 25 times on page 23 alone!
  13. Rap Daniel

    Your saddest video game moment

    It had been months since No Man's Sky's Beyond update released, and I hadn't seen hide nor tail of a rare Exotic starship, excluding other players' ones. Not one! I would visit Trade Stations, keep reloading my autosave to refresh the swarm of NPCs that land there, and I never saw an Exotic...
  14. Rap Daniel

    Request: My birthday is coming up soon again!

    The 16th of February! I'm just looking for anything of Rap! But here's a wishlist anyway incase you don't know what to draw! - A one page comic, showing Rap's struggle at Hogwarts to transfigure a teapot into a tortoise. - A reference showing him wearing his Hogwarts robes(Hufflepuff), and a...
  15. Rap Daniel

    Could this become a meme?

    It comes from Ace Combat 6's Liberation of Gracemeria mission, where Ilya Pasternak says "I am shutting down communications." Could it be memed? via Imgflip Meme Generator
  16. Rap Daniel

    (Minecraft) My favorite satisfying and funny ways to mess around with Command Blocks

    1. Repeating command block. "/summon vindicator ~0~100~0". It's hilarious! 2. Build or grow a tree. Use a repeating command block set to be always active. "/fill (bottom trunk position) (top trunk position) log". You now have an unbreakable tree, not counting the leaves.
  17. Rap Daniel

    The Old Switcheroo

    Switch the words of an idiom, phrase, TV show name, movie title etc. around so it's funny! "Mr. Burns Shot Who?" Or completely random! "Force you be may with the."
  18. Rap Daniel

    Ruin famous quotes

    "The many needs of the few far outweigh the few needs of the many." - Not Spock "KHAAAAAAAAAAN I have some ice cream?" - Not Kirk
  19. Rap Daniel

    [Interstellar Pilot] Bounty Hunter's log

    [Interstellar Pilot is a mobile game where you can do basically anything inside a starship, including mining, trading, plundering, salvaging, and more! I play as a bounty hunter. This thread will log my accomplishments!] Today, I returned victorious against a rather large transport, the...
  20. Rap Daniel

    Guess the next animated classic to get a live-action remake!

    They've done it to a bunch of timeless masterpieces (though I wouldn't call Dora a masterpiece, more like Indiana Jones for babies) so I made this thread so everyone can try and guess what the next remake will be! One of us will have to be right! My guess is The Land Before Time, so prepare...