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  1. BlackLynk


    Hey YOU, rapper there seeing this. You watch Go Dog Go? I know some of y'all watch Paw Patrol. Let's rap about anthro cartoons and shit and like make a million dollars because I have the sauce and know-how. I've landed crazy features and have been doing my own production for about a decade...
  2. BlackLynk

    The Lion Guard Rap OPEN COLLAB

    I need rappers knowledgeable about the Lion Guard TV show or any of The Lion King movies I need your creativity and bars https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IOvTrTLXDROxbAixTWv19emR_fF-l5FZ?usp=sharing everything you need is in that document
  3. BlackLynk

    My Cartoon Music Journey Pt.1

    So, as I've been doing for the past decade or so, I'm starting to make some of the BEST music inspired by cartoons, to date. It's going to take a while for people to adjust and get on board, but I'm willing to get doubted and trashed. I've done the research and the potential for this niche of...
  4. Rap Daniel

    Thinking of changing my username

    I was thinking of making my username on both sites be "TheRaptorWizard" OR "Rap Daniel"(my fursona's name). What do you think?
  5. Rap Daniel

    Blogwarts - Rap's Summer Adventures

    So, I played Mario Kart 8 today! And I got first place in an online VS race too!! And, let's see.. Oh, my Muggle dad took me to a new arcade, and I played some Virtual Reality games, it was FUN!! And more recently, I got hooked on a FNaF SFM series, called "Old Memories". I was surprised at...
  6. Razrroth

    Please share soulful, hip-hop/rap songs

    This is going to be kind of specific, as I have a very limited interest in rap/hiphop music, but I'm trying to extend the scope of songs I know and like. My fiance loves rap, so I try to find tolerable music I can listen to with him. c: I'm not looking for hateful*, distasteful, gore/murder...
  7. Rap Daniel

    Request: Rap in Hufflepuff robes practicing magic

    Any spell, just not dark ones. If it's the Patronus Charm, Rap has a Utahraptor Patronus. Pictures of Rap are in my gallery on the main site, where my name is AnkyloRen1. Take your time drawing it, I won't rush you! (|)w(|)
  8. Rap Daniel

    Birthday's around the corner!

    My birthday's coming up on Feb. 16th and I was thinking, perhaps people could draw Rap and not reveal their drawings until my birthday as, like, a birthday gift! So if anyone's interested, draw Rap any way you want, but nothing NSFW!(February 16th is not a deadline, dont worry if you fall behind...
  9. Rap Daniel

    Have you ever found yourself doing things your sona does?

    I've gotten a habit of standing on my toes much like Rap, and sometimes shaking my head for no apparent reason, much like the Raptors and other dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.
  10. Rap Daniel

    Should Rap learn magic?

    Should I let Rap learn magic at Hogwarts and post an in character blog about his experience or is he fine without magic? Also, where would such a blog belong?
  11. Rap Daniel

    Last name for Rap?

    If you don't see a good name, comment what you think Rap's last name should be.
  12. Rap Daniel

    I can open doors with knobs

    Can someone draw my oc bragging to Blue (from Jurassic World) about the fact he can open doors with knobs?
  13. Rap Daniel

    Velociraptor Transformation?

    Can someone do a TF of a human(Any look) transforming into Rap? Sequence, startled at first, loves it at the end Pants get torn (Not completely off. Just a few big holes) but shirt survives Picture of Rap:
  14. Rap Daniel

    I need a ref sheet.

    REMEMBER, I will accept only SFW content. The character is Rap, an anthro velociraptor. (Jurassic Park style.) Clothing includes a torn Jurassic Park T-shirt (Because he thinks it as sexy), white shorts, no shoes, and no hat. No hair Blue eyes with slit pupils Digitigrade feet (He stands on...
  15. Rap Daniel

    Draw my Raptor oc please?

    His name is Rap, and he looks like SkadeRaptor but with a darker shade and a brownish yellow streak on his sides like the Indoraptor. He loves to wear torn shirts because its sexy to him, wears white shorts and no footwear because he's digitigrade. A ref would be amazing to see but I will accept...
  16. zoinky

    cool classical/hiphop artist I found

    I thought these guys were pretty neat what do you think :D