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rate my art

  1. Lord-Kiviniik

    Rate my Art!

    Ok so I've been wondering what quality my art is, and honestly I can't decide So here I am! Don't hesitate to roast me as long as it's constructive! But please keep it civil overall Full galleries DA : Lord-Kiviniik's DeviantArt Gallery FA (NSFW) : Artwork Gallery for Lord-Kiviniik -- Fur...
  2. Roxirin

    Please rate my art?

    I'm not super popular here on FA and I want to see if my artwork is the sort of stuff you guys like to see. I don't do NSFW (sorry to disappoint) and I'm still working on developing a style. It would be awesome if you could follow me on FA if you like my work, it would mean a lot <3 :) My FA...
  3. LinnyChanPL

    What do you think about my SFM anthro arts?

    Hey guys! I've started using Source Filmmaker like 2 years ago. Now I have more than 1k hours spent in this program. For those who doesn't know what is SFM: Source Filmmaker I used to make TF2&Payday2 related stuff. For example...