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  1. Cerrvine

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Semi Realistic Painted Portraits

    Hello, I am open for portraits in a painted semi-realistic style - inspired by oil painting! $50 through Paypal. I specialize in naturalistic creatures or anthro, but clothing/accessories are perfectly fine. These are neck/shoulders up, with a focus on the face. Background is simple, either an...
  2. leopard_aruna

    (Commission) Selling: realistic animals and portraits

    heya all, i'm open for commissions! mostly draw animals but can do portraits too.. :) i work with colored pencils or graphite, if you are interested let me know ;) https://arunakeunicorn888.wixsite.com/arunaart check my website for prices some examples from my work
  3. blackquestant

    [Selling]Christmas sale semi-realism paintings and drawings starting at 15 USD!

    Hi! I am doing a commission sale! Drawings start at 15 USD Paintings 45 USD Ref Sheets 35 USD! DON'TS: X Mecha X Hyper muscle art (regular proportions muscle art is fine) X Cub nsfw X Zoophilia X Non con X Scat MORE HERE
  4. blackquestant

    (Selling) painting Commissions starting at 15 USD

    More examples below and at: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blackquestant/ Wont draw: - underage nsfw - mecha -wendig*s Will draw: - Heavy kinks and nsfw - Mild gore -any species including bugs and pokemon. If interested in further details of an specific idea PM me on FA or comment here...
  5. MalGV

    (Commission) Selling: ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN • $10-$700+ • FULL CLOSED!] Sketches / TLK OCs / Portraits / Fullbodies / Chibis / Realism / Ref Sheets

    INTRO Hey folks, and welcome to my art shop on FAF! Please review my Commission Tier List below and fill out the form I have provided. First come first served! As soon as my slots are filled I close my shop and contact my clients. If you ask for a commission too late, don't worry! I'll keep...
  6. blackquestant

    Selling (+ $10 ) Commissions Digital and Traditional

    ✧DONT'S: ✧loli/shota/underage ✧ Non-con ✧Wendig*s ✧Scat NOTE ME ON FA OR COMMENT TO CLAIM PAYPAL ONLY My FA userpage : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blackquestant/
  7. blackquestant

    (Selling/Commission)Realistic Professional Painting/Drawings starting at $30

    DONT'S: X Underage/loli etc X Hate speech X Non-con X Wendig*s
  8. Smeaf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 3D Head/Torso Sculpt $50

    Hi I'm Smeaf, I am a digital Sculptor and am currently open for commissions. I mainly do head and torso sculpts. Below are examples of my work. I accept payment through paypal right now, you can direct message me here or on discord. Discord: Keeffe#3975 Please message me and give me your ref...
  9. Alien8_ed

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Semi Realistic Portrait Sketch Auction

    Bid here! vvv Semi Realistic Portrait Sketch - YCH.Commishes
  10. Mespeth

    (Commission) Selling: [CLOSED] Semi realism painted portraits ($60) -SFW/NSFW

    Hi! I'm practicing my skill and paintovers, so I'm offering a new type of commission to be able to practice more! They come fairly cheap for now, but that will change. So, wanna help me improve AND get an artwork cheaper than usual? Thank you for considering me! Just 3 slots for now 60 USD...
  11. O

    Tiger Fursuit - Realistic and URGENT

    Hello one and hello all, I am looking to either create or buy a very realistic tiger fur suit .. if anyone knows of one it would be great if you could let me know! also happy to hire if it is precious to you! It is for a commercial in London so please do get in touch, could even be arrange for...
  12. hemille

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency Commissions! - High Quality - Semirealistic/Realistic - From 5$ - 35$ - SFW and NSFW

    Hi guys, it's me, Hemille, again! This time I've created this another different thread (from the original one forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - Cheap High Quality Semirealistic Commissions - from 5$ to 45$ - SFW, NSFW, Ref sheets, etc) because I'm in serious need for money to pay...
  13. DravenDonovan

    (Commission) Selling: $15 Experimental Soft-Shade Head shots

    -All art © to me and characters to their rightful owners- Hey~ I’m currently open for 3 slots of these Experimental Soft-Shaded head shots. Being Experimental, the style of these pieces are liable to change, and though it might sound like a bad thing, any changes made would be changes for the...
  14. blackquestant

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Shirt lifted NSFW (15$)

    www.furaffinity.net: Shirt YCH OPEN by blackquestant Flat price - 15$ -Open for for any gender that fits the example. - Can do nude or lingerie. (5$ will be added for lingerie) -If you want any other species on the spot we can talk about it. -Similar bodystyle, can be slightly changed (ask...
  15. Samantha Rose

    (Commission) Selling: Open Coms 10$-40$

    Heyyyoo Been a long time but I'm back to take coms~ 30$ for a full body full scene piece 25$ for a half body piece Headshots are 10$ Refs are 40$ for as big as you want If interested just pm me I do also do NSFW pieces as well~ You can message me here or email itstotssammii@gmail.com Heres my...
  16. nubilum93

    (Commission) Selling: Realistic art: headshot, half-body, full-body and ref sheet ($30-$300)

    www.furaffinity.net: Portrait in realistic style - Commissions are Open by nubilum93 High resolution: 35 Megapixels (and higher) Will do: Animal, Anthro, Dragon, etc. Will NOT do: Human I can also create a cub form of your character. Prices : Low detail: Portrait / Headshot: $30 Half-body...
  17. TastyArts

    (Commission) Selling: Paintings, Lineart, Sketches, Ref sheets, 3D [$30-$200]

    Hi I'm a concept artist and illustrator, I do furry and non-furry commissions. I specialize in scifi and fantasy character and creature design. You can contact me at anonof1996@gmail.com, please don't PM me since I don't check them often! FURAFFINITY Pricing and terms...
  18. NoirSaberCat

    Half off Commissions!

    (Opps! I forgot to set the minimum price to 5 USD. Sorry about that! I will try this again.) I am doing half off commissions this week! I been advertising on Facebook so I should try here. I will not start your commission until sometime this weekend. But once I do, I give out a WIP everyday...
  19. lunarpeach

    Cheap reference sheets! $30 for one angle, $60 for 3 angles! Inclusive!

    Need more than just angles? Headshots, clothes, accessories, likes, dislikes, facts all included! Any gender sex body type species What $30 will get you: one angle of your choice full shading, coloring simple background of your choice SFW or NSFW clothing included, on or off one headshot one...
  20. RubieOnyx

    Hooman Arts Needed

    How's it going everyone? So I'm inquiring an artist who is good at semi-realism, or anything that doesn't constitute as 'cartoony' art to do a full-bodied sketch for me. The character that I'm wanting to bring to life is in a way getting a face lift, though is being removed from the actual OC...