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  1. N

    Sequel fanfic to an old animated movie

    Hello. Yes, I'm recommending a fanfic from over 10 years ago in the FA forums because it's actually an anthro mouse fanfic, but do you guys remember the 1990s film "The Nutcracker Prince"? If you don't, then maybe the fanfic would either introduce you to or help you remember it. It's called "The...
  2. Jessica Montana

    What do you use for games/animations?

    So stalking the forms I just learned (2 years late ) that flash is ending next year. Just now learning this I feel like I wasted the last 6 months of my life teaching my self how to use it( I have a copy of flash cs4 on my computer because I was/am too cheap to pay for the monthly creative cloud...
  3. Skychickens

    Tablet suggestions?

    So I have a Huion Pro610 and when it works, it's great. Suits my needs perfectly well. When it works. I have done literally everything recommended of it. Uninstalled drivers, reinstalled from the website with the firewall down. Unplugged, replugged, used different USB ports, reset computer...
  4. A

    Returning Gender Dysphoria

    So back when I was around thirteen-fourteen I went through a period of gender dysphoria which lasted about a year. After a number of years I'm now in my 20's and there have been a couple of times where the thought of "what if?" has come up again. What would you recommend I do? Should I simply...