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  1. ForestWitchBrews

    Community Chat Groups

    Hello, all. Perhaps there is another topic like this, in which case forgive me, but I've been looking around for community chat groups. Preferably within the Furry realm, but I guess I'm open to anything. This can be on Discord, Telegram, etc. I'm just trying to find social outlets like that...
  2. CYSYS8993

    Recommend me a furry webcomic series

    The ones I'm looking for are under the genre of action/adventure with full story arcs covered by volumes and chapters. Inspiration by Sonic or appearance of rabbits are assets.
  3. Feralteddy

    Your favorite anthro web comic?

    doggirlsondrugs.the-comic.org: Dog Girls on Drugs I needed a place where I could talk about this comic. Its called Dog Girls on Drugs. As the title mentions yes, it's about anthro dog teenage girls doing drugs, but the art is just amazing and the creator really knows how to capture a mood...
  4. cowboi

    Recommendations for video games for older people?

    My senior citizen aged mom and I have been extremely bored with quarantine and just for fun, we played Contradiction- Spot the Liar!, a FMV murder mystery video game. And mom, who hates video games, had the time of her life. This led me to the idea that we could try playing other games. Found...
  5. MCtheBeardie

    Digital Art Tablet Recommendations?

    Hi! I’m a beginner artist planning on doing digital artwork, and I’m curious as to what kinds of cheap drawing tablets long time artists would recommend. I’m used to drawing traditionally, so after fiddling with my art program for a while, I discovered that I can’t draw with a mouse for the life...
  6. ModifiedRabbit

    Printing Place Recommendations

    So, I am trying to get some prints made with a gold foil part on it, and i am having a hard time finding a good printer online and off. I tried Catprint and they were horrible with their print but also their customer service. So im wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Im hoping to get...
  7. Togo57

    Sightless stories

    As we all know, there are several senses: Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch, and Sight. However, most written stories (or at least mine) tend to only use the last one. Descriptions, character interactions, and everything else is done in such a way that they revolve around a character's ability to see...
  8. W


    Has anybody here read any of the stories in Shifti's FreeRIDErs setting? If so, what did you think of the story or stories that you read? If not, I'll still be here when you get back. I'd say what I like about the series, but then I'd be giving out free spoilers, which is something I'm not...