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  1. Feralteddy

    Anyone else make music playlists for their characters?

    I tend to make playlists for each of my characters once their personalities are well-enough defined. When I used to play on Neopets.com, a lot of people did this and I discovered some of my favorite music TO THIS DAY that way. I miss it a lot. So please post em if ya got em! A pic of your...
  2. Le Chat Nécro

    Best Rhythm Matching Games

    For reasons, I need recommendations on the best rhythm matching games available. Ones like DanceDance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Thumper... basically any game where you have to hit buttons in time to a beat to score points. Bonus points if it's available for download on Steam. Go!
  3. insertgenericnamehere1

    B movie recommendations

    I could use some new horrible movies for great laughs. I've seen a lot. But if any of you got any please post a few trailers lol. I'm low on work and bored out of my mind these days... Could really use a great or horrible laugh...
  4. KiwiNiwi

    LF Suit Maker Recommendations

    Hey all! Im having such a hard time finding someone who could possibly do what I have in mind for me so I am turning here to the FA forums for some help. Im looking for fursuit maker recommendations to possibly commission at a future time for a fursuit idea id like to have done. The only issue...
  5. Rmania

    Really terrible horror movie recommendations

    I enjoy watching terrible horror movies, the ones that are so bad, sound so ridiculous that they are pure genius. I mean movies like Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Wasp Woman, The Killer Shrews, Snakes on a Train, Killer Condom etc, they are a guilty pleasure from time to time. So I throw this...
  6. CorruptedWaffles

    Which fursuit maker would you recommend?

    http://sta.sh/01iblsba505s I'm looking to get Zane made. I know this is not a good ref for a fursuit. One is getting made right now and I will have it by the end of the month. I was doing research until FA was taken down. I know of the makers database on tumblr but it's more accessible on the...
  7. Samantha Snow

    where are the metalheads at?

    as implied by the title i am wondering if anyone here shares my love of metal. and as a secondary point: any good recommendations as to songs that helps when you have a bad day (i'm having one today and would appreciate some good tunes to lighten the mood^^)