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  1. Water Draco

    Allow Firefox to record audio when submitting work on FA?

    Hi Is anyone elce getting this when trying to submit work on FA using Firefox an Android device. When you select browse for image a permissions box opens asking "Allow Firefox to record audio?" "Deny" "Allow" So on selecting "Deny" the dialogue box closes and your unable to browse for image...
  2. 134

    Turntables and records.

    I wanted to ask if someone likes turntables? I have a turntable and a medium sized collection of records like AC/DC - Flo on the Wall or my newest from Beast in Black - Berserker What records do you have? Which record do you want but you never got to buy it? I want a Single from New Order -...
  3. Vermilion

    way to keep track of commissions

    I've been thinking about it for a long time. Does anyone know a site that's useful to keep track of commissions just in case for taxes? Also do I need a business license if I'm just doing digital drawings online? I'm worried I'll break some kind of rule and the fine may be more than any...