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  1. Leok64

    Unique Adopts (detailed) [$10-30/Paypal]

    Heyho friendly People, I want to sell this 3 anthropomorphic guys. The story of the 3, can be changed: -Radioactive Yellow, is a Crazy mutated Hyena from Tschernobyl with 3 Arms and a cyborg arm. -Flame Red, is a Columbian Dragon with Fire Problems so he uses his Flamethrower. -Jay Blue, a...
  2. GumiTheCarrot


    I have some adopts for auction, check them out! SB for each is $10. Lion : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Lion Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Cow : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cow Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Purple Red Panda : www.furaffinity.net...
  3. Fairy_Tiny_Rainbow

    Adopt robo-cat, only 5$

    I will sell my adopt robo-cat only for 5$ :З
  4. F

    DRAT! An update!

    Heyo. Drat is my first OC in case you didn't see my other posts. Drat now has a feral style refsheet, but it is in marker and even though the proportions are mostly right I need to find a better coloring medium. Again, I suck at digital art especially with a jumpy mouse! Drat's first...
  5. F


    Ok so I'm sorry if this belongs somewhere else but since this bit of the forum discusses fursonas, maybe it can discuss characters? Idk? So my first ever character has a name. He is a red dragoncat with some patterning which.... I still haven't drawn him well enough to share yet. You will...
  6. Bandera

    Icon request

    Hi! I was wondering if someone could draw icon for me? You can do mostly what ever you want. I don't have a fursona yet. Things I want Animal Wolf Gender Male Colour of fur Red, black and white Colour of eyes Blue Thanks! :)
  7. TastyTriss

    Selling some characters!

    I've been struggling for a while to really connect with any new or old OC's of mine. This and the fact that I could really use the money brought up the idea of selling off my characters to start with a clean slate! So yeah. I have multiple characters for sale, ranging from kemono types to...