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  1. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for a character redesign!

    Specifically, I'm looking to have these six, and others later down the line, redrawn as Dungeons and Dragons style characters. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1005956713238777920/1036072690919936070/comm2q.png
  2. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: [Challenge] Gender Bend My Protogen

    Like I wanna start doing RPs but my Protogen isn't sexy I am looking for an artist who can take him and sexify him, like make him absolutely irresistible here are reference photos.
  3. Melnew

    Free Art: I'll turn your OC Into a demon/monster.

    I'll draw your OC as if they were a demon/monster type character I'll need an image reference and a short description of there personality. Lastly I'll need a number a color and a word with five letters or less none of your answers should match up with any other persons answers. I'll decide if...
  4. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: redesign my ocs

    Hello, I would like you redesign my ocs if it's possible: www.furaffinity.net: Reinelerd by Germanor123 www.furaffinity.net: Hermann by Germanor123 www.furaffinity.net: Bjorga zangoose by Germanor123 www.furaffinity.net: Gorgio by Germanor123
  5. teacozy1

    Free Art: Got an old character? Let me redesign them~!

    Hi there guys~! So I love to redesign people's old characters just to fun. If you have an old character you just send it in the comments bellow and I'll redesign it. You can say what you want left on it if you wish but if you don't say anything I'll go wild. I'll only be doing a few though...
  6. The Cospunk Prince

    (Commission) Selling: EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS AS OF 12/4:. Sonic Style Commissions! ($5-$30)

    First off, Thank you for your interest! As of 12/4, all money will be going straight to my boyfriend and his roommates as everyone in the 6-person household(plus two dogs and a cat) is being evicted. We do not know the exact date, but it won't be long before they are all homeless. You can find...
  7. Arkune

    Character Redesign

    Hello and thank you all for the offers! I talked with a few and nailed down what I wanted! Again, thanks!!
  8. W

    I'm thinking of a redesign...

    so, I've been thinking about redesigning Crevan a bit, because I think he's grown from his tiny body and big ears to a newer, normal looking anthro. Here's a reference of his cute stage; www.furaffinity.net: THANK YOU @Xofrats !!! by WolfoxeCrevan And here's a newer reference...