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ref sheet commissions

  1. C

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet of a male fatfur character

    Hello there! I'm hoping to commission a reference sheet of a really heavy, male mink character. (There is no prior art of him, this would be his first art.) Would ideally be a reference with (at the minimum) a front, back, and side view of him. Anything else on the ref would be extras, but...
  2. Wheeze

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Icons, Full Bodies, Ref Sheets, and More!

    hey all! i have commissions open pretty much all the time (though you can check the status of open slots here whenever! it's constantly updated) FULL T.O.S. AND SLOTS FOUND HERE ON MY OFFICIAL WEBSITE! WILL DO: furries humanoids animals canon characters refs from 3D models or real photos...
  3. ZoZo

    ISO OC Fursona Ref Design

    I’m looking for someone who could design me a reference sheet of my current fursona. I want to upgrade him to a ferret/raccoon mix.
  4. KastionSol

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Reference Sheets! [ONE SLOT] ($70 Base Price) (SFW ONLY)

    Do you have a character that desperately needs a reference sheet? No worries, Kastion will get that sorted for you! 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Here's one I made earlier of one of my sonas, Wren! The approximate price of this is $75 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ The base price of $70 comes with: Two full bodies...
  5. MorgueBuddy

    (Commission) Selling: HQ SFW and NSFW ref sheets starting at €50 (sale!)

    hello hello, right now i've got a sale on for reference sheets ^-^ it's €10 off whatever you buy Prices and info here - MorgueBuddy Art - Go here to see more examples including nsfw -
  6. SymSylveon

    (Commission) Selling: ❥ SymSym's Shop ◆ [N]SFW, Ref Sheets, and more! ◆ 30% off!

    'ello y'all!! ❤ I'm opening a lil shop over here for SFW and NSFW art, with a 30% discount of my usual prices to start!! My original prices can be found over here. If you'd like something NOT listed in this thread, refer to that page and we'll talk!! (non-furry art doesn't get the discount)...
  7. KeesNailo

    (Commission) Selling: $20 Simple sketch refs Fakemon/sona/oc

    I need help getting my water turned back on. I need to make at least $400 I had $118 but it’s been 4 days and I have been forced to dip into the money to get what I need for me and my kids. Currently there is no one in the slots queue because I’ve completed the first batch. So please ignore...
  8. BluepatchTheDog

    (Commission) Selling: BluepatchTheDog commissions thread! ($10-$65+)

    COMMISSION STATUS: OPEN Commission examples and prices: https://bluepatchthedog.weebly.com/ I do everything from reference sheets to badges, chibi to full body pieces. My currency is GBP (Great British Pound), so it is what I use. If you need help converting my prices to your currency, please...
  9. Stryker_the_Dragon

    Looking For an Artist to make an Anthro-Dragon Ref Sheet

    Hey, what's up everyone? I'm new to Fur Affinity, and I have really been trying to find an artist to draw a ref sheet for me. Honestly, I would say that my max price is 100 dollars, but I might be willing to go a bit above that, if your artwork is good (I'm kind of desperate). I won't go into...
  10. Spritz-PuppyShark

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions ($20-$60)

    Hello! I'm selling art commissions (accepting payment via PayPal). I can draw anything including animals, anthros, humans, NSFW, gore, chibi, etc. My prices are: Bust- $20 Fullbody- $30 Ref Sheet (2 sided with detail box)- $60 Scene- $60+ (depending on complexity) Here is a link to my portfolio...
  11. paranoya

    (Commission) Selling: Ref sheets(100$+), portraits(30$+) and illustrations(60$+)

    Hello! I'm offering various commissions, starting from cheap portraits/icons going all the way to detailed illustrations. Check out my price list and feel free to pop in on my fA account for more examples! Interested in something not on the list? Message me either here or on fA, we'll work...

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$30 ref sheets!

    Hey all! im opening up these 10 to 30 sheets! $10 sheets include just a plain full body $20 sheets include a front back, one headshot and one tail view $30 sheets include a front, back, two clothes chibis (or a feral form!) info and any extras you want! sta.sh: example sta.sh: Chelsea can be...
  13. artghst

    (Commission) Selling: Taking commissions! SFW & NSFW available {$50-$70}

    Hello! I'm new to the community, and figured I'd try advertising comms here! Prices are $50 usd FLAT, paid only via paypal! +20$ for each additional character! simple backgrounds are free, and we can always talk ab complicated bg's in private ^^ Here's some examples of my style! <3
  14. K

    Looking 4 ref sheet commissioner $5 to $30

    I have a fursona design in mind with some reference pics, but not confident in my ability to draw the combination of traits myself... Someone making a reference sheet for me would definately help me out in drawing him myself. ☆ Full pay and credit, of course. ▪︎ Will send reference pic and...
  15. SourApplePunch

    (Commission) Selling: Discounted!! HQ SFW+NSFW ($25-$45+)

    hi y'all im bab! im new to the site and looking to build up some more commission examples :•) all of these prices are at a slight discount for the next few weeks while i work on new stuff! base prices: ❀ bust: $25 ✿ half body: $35 ❀ full body: $45 ✿ **complex character designs will be priced...
  16. kvasoly

    Custom or ref sheet auction - sb is $10

    I'd like to offer you my custom/ref sheet auction: www.furaffinity.net: Customization or reference sheet [auction] by kvasoly The basic ref(bid below 20) includes one fullbody and such details as paws and eyes. If you'd like to order a reference, I can change anything. If you'd like to order...
  17. Univorn

    (Commission) Selling: SFW Headshots n Fullbody (all species). Range $35-$80+

    Hello! I have a site right here where you can view the pieces in a streamlined fashion (mobile friendly) If you wish to commission me, you can either contact me here, on fA, or email me at univorn.comms@gmail.com with your order. My turn around time is up to a week. If it will take longer than...
  18. HarperRubenWesson

    Hiring: High Quality Digital Artist Wanted! ~250 USD Budget

    In Search Of High-Quality, Semi-Realistic Anthro Digital Artist Requirements • Plenty of Anthro Equine Experience • Telegram Max Budget ~225 to 250 USD Project Type Character Redesign Project Description: Looking for someone to do an update to the design of a zebra character. This takes...
  19. Spacenerd77

    Custom Deluxe Ref Sheets ($30-80)

    Hi I really need to buy food and pay bills. Our power bill is due monday and we are completely out of food to eat. My ref sheets have a front and back view, 3-5 outfit chibis, a portrait, a name plate, an info box, and a handful of items that represent or mean something to the character...
  20. T

    Hiring: In need of two refs

    Female oc Looking for a ref I can customize with what I want on it Budget: $100 for both