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ref sheet

  1. louijanaa

    (Commission) Selling: SEDONA’S COMMS - SALE ON REFS AND ICONS

    Please check my website for prices of all my commissions (Warning, nsfw examples included)! Below I will list specific sales that are going on and update regularly. Click here for my website! my twitter SALES REFERENCE SHEETS - 50$ You will get: A .png and editable .psd file of the...
  2. interstellarcana

    (Commission) Selling: Reference sheet sale (~$80+)

    Heyo! I need more examples of ref sheets so I'm being flexible on price for the time being to make up for it. The one below would be around the 200 range but if you have specific requests for parts of the sheet I'm more than happy to produce a quote! My website is here for more art examples...
  3. Zerafa

    Hiring: ($100+) [Closed] New Fur looking for Character Design/ Ref Sheet creation and some answers (SFW, 80$-150$)

    Greetings, been messing around with furry stuff for a few years now and with lockdown around finally decided to explore the fandom further. On that note: Hey everyone, nice to meet you! Concerning the commission, it'd be my first character (species is eurasian lynx) and I only have a few...
  4. TheXenoGamer

    Hiring: looking for a redesign/ref sheet commission ($20-$100+)(closed)

    hello peeps! glad to see forms are opening back up and I'm looking for re design commissions of one of my fursonas named Azazel my price range is $20-$100 and I'm looking for a refsheet like commission for him. this is his toyhouse https://toyhou.se/4153981.azazel Things that won't change Being...
  5. Magelet

    Hiring: Looking to Commission a Ref Sheet for my Raptor-Gargoyle ($10-$100)

    Hi folks! So I have 2 excellent ref sheets for my Corvid character, but I haven't commissioned a decent ref sheet for my Dino-Gargoyle, Veloxia yet! Budget is $10-$100 since we need to make that clear, but please let me know your ref sheet estimates and/or your gallery so I can see if your...
  6. Throwaway

    Hiring: Head Ref Sheet ≤20 USD

    I'm interested in hiring a ref sheet for a head for 20 USD or less. This is for a fursuit head. I have PayPal. 20 USD is the upper limit. I've already gotten a bid for 20 USD. The character only has two main colors: Green and Blue. I don't have a good picture of the character in my mind's...
  7. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet and a /slight/ character change ~$100+

    The gist of what I'm looking for: Two fullbody views with some alts. Around five? (depending on price ofc) A clothing alt and then very minor nsfw changes NSFW needed as well as someone who is comfortable/good at drawing and/or designing clothing. The character in question: art credit...
  8. HJW1712

    Request: Fursona Reference Sheet

    Hey, so im pretty new to the furry community and i have been working on a reference sheet for my fursona. I was wondering if anyone would be able to draw the reference sheet a bit better, or if someone could make a headshot (even a full body if you aare feeling generous) of my fursona, because...
  9. Throwaway

    Request: Head Ref

    I noticed that I've been (somewhat) active in the fandom for a little over a year at this point. I kind of have reference art, but not much. I'm requesting a ref sheet. Specifically, a neck-and-up ref if someone would like.
  10. OvineTanuki

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Nugget's Art Shop ($10 - $100) [Anthro/Feral/SFW]

    I'm off hiatus, so comms are open again! You can see my prices on my website (linked below), they range from as little as $10 to over $100 depending on what you order. I'm willing to draw both SFW and NSFW content (including fetish content, with some exceptions), although I specialize in...
  11. EagleTheCheetah

    Hiring: Ref Sheet Needed (CLOSED)

    What I'm looking for: • A refsheet that features anthro/feral forms of my cheetah. SFW version, and an NSFW version, multiple views. • An experienced furry artist, well versed in anatomy, and can draw big cats very well. - I appreciate beginner artists! But since this is a more technical ref...
  12. JuniperSorrel

    Kastion's Build-a-Ref Shop ($30 Base Price) (SFW ONLY)

    EXAMPLES (click to see full) 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ If you are interested in this, please send me an email ( kastionsol@gmail.com) or shoot me a PM on here or on Instagram (kastion.art) Thanks in advance
  13. Ovidia Dragoness

    (Commission) Selling: Custom model viewer assuring longevity after flash dies ( Starting at $25 )

    Why hello there! This is my first time selling anything so forgive me if I'm a little inept at this sort of thing. I go by the alias Some Purple Dragon when working for my game studio Non Euclidean and I wanted to unveil my latest project for all of you to enjoy! It's a 3D model viewer to...
  14. Bonkothebat

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to make a NSFW and SFW refsheet ($80 USD)

    I'm looking for someone to make a two refsheet of my OC Vivi: www.furaffinity.net: Vivienne "Vivi" Sakura SFW ref by Bonkothebat . One NSFW and one SFW or censored. I'm looking for a non realistic or semi realistic style for this. I would like a front and back view, three head shots, flat color...
  15. Ovidia Dragoness

    Interactive ref sheets?

    I'm currently working on a video game and had a thought to maybe take commissions for interactive 3D refsheets. I think they'd come in handy for people who want an artist to really understand their character by being able to change the lighting, background, and clicking on an area of the...
  16. JuliyMiuliy

    (Commission) Selling: Reference from $30

    Hello, if you need reference for your OC, I can draw it for you Base price $30 include: - 2 full growth without clothing (front and back view) - palette - info - gradient fill and white windows on background Addons: full growth with ONE set of clothes + $5 (two sets +$10 and etc) feral form +...
  17. MorgueBuddy

    (Commission) Selling: HQ SFW and NSFW ref sheets starting at €50 (sale!)

    hello hello, right now i've got a sale on for reference sheets ^-^ it's €10 off whatever you buy Prices and info here - MorgueBuddy Art - Go here to see more examples including nsfw -
  18. momodesugart


    Hi guys! ^^ I'm making a special offer of a reference sheet (back and front anthro view) for $35usd ☆ I can add extras too^^ ☆Headshot view(+$5) ☆Another view with clothes(+$10) ☆Color palette(+$5) I'LL OPEN ONLY TWO SLOTS!!! ◇OPEN ◇OPEN ◇OPEN Please feel free to pm me if you have questions or...
  19. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: April slots $5 to $30

    Hi guys, Axel here again, I have 6 slots for this month, but can be more denpending of complexity. If you have any questions you can note me in FA, send comment here, or Telegram (@axellionhart) Furaffinity Telegram: @axelliohart Telegram WIP channel SFW Email: axellionhart@outlook.com Paypal...
  20. MorgueBuddy

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Sfw/Nsfw Reference sheets €60

    more info and prices here Or you can sent me a private message here ^_^ ~*