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ref sheet

  1. Khei

    Art Trade: Custom crochet plush for ref sheet.

    I need a ref sheet for my noodle, Misu. Nothing overly complicated. Just a flat colored front and back view and color swatches. I know her coloration is complicated tho. Normally I'd make the ref sheet myself but I don't know when I might be able to get a new PC and start doing digital art...
  2. lachrymosiac

    (Commission) Selling: Reference Sheet YCH (50+$!) + Custom Refsheets

    Hello all~ I'm trying to make a bit of money just so I have a bit more money throughout the week, and thought I would try again here! :> For now, I am selling this YCH reference sheet for 50+$: ALL genders, bipedal species only (basically I won't modify the base too much), Clothed! For 50$...
  3. NovaSwiftBrony

    Request: Looking for someone to do a character ref sheet free.

    I know it's a bit of a longshot to get a character reference for free made by someone but if anyone out there can I would appreciate it. I hope there is one generous soul who would do this.
  4. H

    (Commission) Selling: I will draw ANYTHING you want (SFW/NSFW)($5-$100)

    OK so I will basically draw anything you want, sfw or nsfw. My art is digital and cell shaded, and I accept payment through PayPal. I will finish a piece fairly quickly in under a week, unless its a very big commission. Here's some of my art, Portfolio - Google Drive (keep in mind that I can...
  5. SageNyas

    (Commission) Selling: ✨Ref Sheet Commissions! ($75)✨

    Hey there! It's me, your local worm boy back at it again doing commissions! This time it's ref sheets! I think I'm well versed in doing them, and I can also help with character design if you aren't sure about it. My ref sheets start at $75, but may be more depending on how detailed you would...
  6. Yaxaas

    Hiring: Crocodile Reference Sheet ($5-$50USD)

    Hi, I'm looking for an artist to create a reference sheet for my crocodile fursona! I'd prefer you have experience in either drawing reptiles or better yet, crocodiles. Please comment below your price range and some examples of a ref sheet you have drawn- especially if it is a reptile! Thank...
  7. ShardsOfBlue

    Meet Quartz, the Falkiri

    Thanks to ReFroste for making a ref sheet for Quatrz, the Falkiri (cat-dragon hybrid, named for Falkor). I hope to flesh out the species lore a bit at some point, but for now, I’ll just drop them off here. :3
  8. Kovie

    (Commission) Selling: Kovie's Commissions - Headshots / Drawovers / Fullbodies / Ref sheets, etc. $15-$60 +

    Hello, my name is Kovie. If you are interested in commissioning me, there are several ways to contact me. furaffinity notes / telegram / twitter or my email - kovied@outlook.com * * the fastest responses will be if you contact me via email, twitter or telegram. Feel free to ask me about...
  9. RafaleFlight

    Hiring: Putting together a ref sheet for an original species $50-$100 range

    (Posted this in the wrong area. Deleted the old post, reposting here) Hey all. Been a while since I posted here, but with summer, graduation (and therefore slightly more free time on my hands), and vacation, I've had the chance to delve a little deeper into a species I've been tinkering with...
  10. TastyArts

    (Commission) Selling: Paintings, Lineart, Sketches, Ref sheets, 3D [$30-$200]

    Hi I'm a concept artist and illustrator, I do furry and non-furry commissions. I specialize in scifi and fantasy character and creature design. You can contact me at anonof1996@gmail.com, please don't PM me since I don't check them often! FURAFFINITY Pricing and terms...
  11. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Commission) Selling: Ref sheets - different styles - $30-$60 range

    Hello ! I'm getting used lately to do some ref sheets and I'd like to offer this service :) My basic ref sheets include -Front and back view OR two sides profile of the character -Basic info such as name, sex/gender/pronouns and age for sample -Small pattern/abstract background -Optionally you...
  12. michi0michu

    Sketchbook: I’m made my new Reference sheet

    thats my new ref sheet for my fursona Kom, art by me ❤️ Social media: Facebook.com/michii.michu Instagram.com/michi0michu Twitter: @ mich_hdzL FA: Userpage of michi0michu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  13. Spacenerd77

    Custom Deluxe Ref Sheets ($30-80)

    Hi I really need to buy food and pay bills. Our power bill is due monday and we are completely out of food to eat. My ref sheets have a front and back view, 3-5 outfit chibis, a portrait, a name plate, an info box, and a handful of items that represent or mean something to the character...
  14. Foge100/Frosti The Fox

    Art Trade: I would like a ref sheet (im new)

    Hi im new to this webpage and would hope that someone would draw my fursona I will attach my icon below so you can use that
  15. breakfastzone

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Ref Sheets for Sale!

    Hello all! I've been making a bunch of simple ref sheets for my characters, so I thought I'd open them up to you guys as well. They'll look like the examples I link (waist up pic unless the character is small enough for a full body, front and back pelt to show markings, color scheme, and...
  16. Amyntas

    Hiring: Need a Ref-Sheet, based on an existing one (NSFW - feral wyvern)

    Hello everyone!~ So, a while back I commissioned a ref-sheet of my first fursona, Amyntas - He was an anthro wyvern. Now I want him to be a feral one though, so I need a new ref-sheet. ^^ (Because honestly, feral wyverns look better.) The existing ref-sheet is down below for reference. I'd also...
  17. KingKaine

    Hiring: Character Reference Sheet (price range 120 $ - 180 $)

    Hello I'm Kainé I have quite a few commissions of my character but I don't have an actual reference sheet. That's been something I've been wanting to get done for a while now, I'm gonna add an image of him and you can always message me if you want more. But I'm looking for someone who can make a...
  18. Jiccs

    A sona based on me!

    Here is the latest and hopefully final sona i'll ever make for myself, as this one is based on me and not some character or around a power/aesthetic. Her name is Noa and this will act as a ref sheet for her. Full credit for the base i used goes to Teranen on deviantart Optional hair for the...
  19. Yacare

    (Commission) Selling: I'll help you create your fursona for $25! (or draw an existing one!)

    I'm confident drawing any species (hybrids too! Just ask), they could be feral or anthro, too. For a base of 25$ I'll make a full body, flat colored drawing of your character. If you need something in particular, let me know and we'll talk about it, no compromise! In the process, I always go...
  20. Jessica Montana

    Cheap-ish refsheets! starting at $25 !

    I firmly believe ref sheets are a necessity as 9 times out of 10 you need one to commission someone, which is why I don't believe in charging out the butt for them. I offer 2 different types of ref sheets starting at $25 Moderate: $ 25 2 full body views( front,back,side) 2 close ups 2 favorite...