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reference commission

  1. CharTem

    Hiring: Looking for Outfit Designs / Refs. $20 - $30 per outfit

    Hello! I was looking for someone to design 1 - 3 outfits for my dragon fursona here: www.furaffinity.net: My Boy Quantum by CharTem For the outfits, I was looking for a formal-wear suit and 2 casual outfits. If interested, you can message me on telegram here or on Discord at CharTem#0305 (you'll...
  2. PanPolyFox

    Help W/ My Mates Fursona Reference Page?

    Okay so, me and my mate have been together for 5 years now. I've been a furry for many years before we met, so I already had my fursona worked out for the most part. Up until then he was more of a Furry Fan, but I convinced him he needed one if we're eventually going to get him a Fursuit (and...
  3. NightcoreGamer

    Hiring: $10.00 - $35.00 (OBO.) Looking for first sona. Reference sheet. Owl/bird artists please!!

    Second update/edit: I have chosen two artists; thank you so much for offering to me. You're all talented and beautiful. I love you all. I hope to see you in the future!! If you wanna harass me in person here I am! Nightcore_Gamer_OwO#7073 Join the Sonder Gaming Discord Server! This is my...
  4. Faolche

    (Commission) Selling: ADOPT REFERENCE COMMISSION ( 45$+)

    Hi! I have long been going to open a commission on the design of references. (〃^▽^〃)ノ Write me a note on the FA website if you are interested in: Userpage of Faolche -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You can collect a unique reference for your character consisting of: Front view - 45$ Front and back...
  5. howff


    After hiding my interest in furries for a long while, I'm stepping out and I would love to have my fursona brought to life in a full reference sheet. I've browsed around and come to the realization that I'm pretty bad at figuring out where to look for this sort of thing, so I thought my best bet...
  6. Vin

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Ref Sheets on a base for $20 - $40

    Doing reference sheets with the lockworkorange base, can design a character for you, make a ref for a character without one, or even update an older character. Price is dependant on the complexity of the design. Comment below if you are interested or feel free to DM me here or on Telegram...
  7. Eljado

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions $40 USD Busts and more

    Commissions open! Paypal only. See pricelist below Hi! I'm Eljado. im still quite new to commissions. Here's some links to my FA so you can see what I do www.furaffinity.net: Mothra Bust Commission by Eljado www.furaffinity.net: Axolotl by Eljado www.furaffinity.net: Death of Julius Lizer by...
  8. E

    Hiring: NSFW Character Design/Ref Sheet $70+

    An artist has been chosen, thank you all for your offers.
  9. cerulean_blues

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mystery moodboard adopts! Start at 10$

    Hi yall! I thought I'd do a few mystery moodboards! All payment will be through PayPal, and is due up front! Thanks for looking! :D Userpage of cerulean_blues -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. Mytho_Meadows

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW Starting at $5-$20

    PLEASE EITHER INBOX ME HERE OR NOTE ME ON MY FURAFFNITY ACCOUNT!! My FA is the same username on here! Type: (chibi, full body, etc) Reference: Expression: Pose: CHIBI: Cell or Soft Shade! Price: $5 USD...
  11. LammyG

    (Commission) Selling: Customizable Reference/Character sheets! $30-$50

    General Info (Sheet specifics below): Payment available through PayPal/Venmo I offer sneak peeks so you can adjust as i work! Style is no object, I will adjust to suit you needs! Any breed Any gender Clothed or nude NSFW available, if that's possible to do. Contact me through: FurAffinity...
  12. michi0michu

    (Commission) Selling: Reference Sheet comissions open! $60

    Hi! i’m Michi Michu one more time! in this occasion I have comissions of reference sheets! They can be editable how much you want and no extra cost, just $60 Usd Here's my social media Facebook.com/michii.michu Instagram.com/michi0michu Twitter: @ mich_hdzL FA...
  13. breakfastzone

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Ref Sheets for Sale!

    Hello all! I've been making a bunch of simple ref sheets for my characters, so I thought I'd open them up to you guys as well. They'll look like the examples I link (waist up pic unless the character is small enough for a full body, front and back pelt to show markings, color scheme, and...
  14. BLARGEN69

    (Commission) Selling: ☆ High quality cartoon commissions starting at 20$! Chibis, Full Bodies, Refs! NSFW DEF OKAY!~

    lordZigra@gmail.com HEY THERE!~ _へ__(‾◡◝ )> Commissions are open for a limited time! I've got my biggest convention coming up and need to buy some new merch!~ --- I draw in a predominantly cartoony anime-influenced style, and am willing to draw just about anything! -Original Characters!-...
  15. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Hiring: Ref Sheet

    I've long needed to commission a Ref sheet for my Fursona; Misha. I can go as high as 80$ My profile image was created based on their description, and can be used for some inspiration. Age: 24 Sex: Cis Male Species: Kermode (Spirit) Bear Height: 6’4” (Short for his species though. Weight: 170...
  16. Pthumerian

    Hiring: {CLOSED} (NSFW) Artistic Freedom Character Design Commission | Male Shark | $80-120

    Hello! I’m Pthumerian and I’m looking to get a reference sheet made of a character design I have in mind! He’s a very muscular, male, anthro shark. However, I don’t have a ready-made reference sheet for him. Another challenging part of my commission is that I’m looking to give who I do...
  17. spookyfoxinc

    Colourful & Toony Reference Sheets!

    Hi there! I'm Spooky, and I'm currently offering reference sheets! Prices start at £25 for a reference sheet like this: However; you can also order a more complex reference sheet. Feel free to inquire about extra: headshots fullbodies maw/pawshots sketches To order, DM me here, or hit...
  18. KipperDed

    Reference sheet

    Hello there, I want to commission someone to make a reference sheet for my character. I don't have any art of it but I will provide images that are similar looking to what I want. I do want it to be kemono style. My character is a gray fox and I want the color scheme to be similar to the real...
  19. KynRen

    (Commission) Selling: (open) Reference Sheets comm. [20€/1] (Anthro/Feral)

    Hello~ I'm currently open for commissions, if interested, please PM me!:) Will do: -sfw naked -clothed -any gender, species -Anthro/feral Won't do: -Sexual themes -nsfw naked also I can work with description of the character alone if there's no art of them yet~ Examples: Price for these is...
  20. Graffstache

    REF Sheet Commissions

    I am currently looking to take on a few commissions for REF sheets. These will be $35 each and will have a front and back full body view, and the option of a side view, as well as up to 2 headshot views! They also have the characters name, basic info, and color palette. If interested, please...