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reference commission

  1. Keykaye

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Cheap YCH Ref Sheets

    Hey guys just wanting to sell some cheep ref sheets to save up some money Price starts at 20 USD and that included a front and back view, any minor details(Mouth, foot and markings), and color pallet. +5 USD for extra details such as alternate tail or hair styles, they are included together as...
  2. RosiePaws

    In need of a Ref sheet! ($10-$40 Budget)

    Updated Budget $10-$60 Hiya I'm looking for a reference sheet. The species is Fox so I don't think it's anything to crazy. I'm looking for a very sweet/cutesy design, nothing hardcore looking. Please comment or DM if you're interested<3 Here is a base of her colors, obiv this isn't great, but...
  3. knifewolf

    Reference Sheet Commissions ($50+)

    • All contact is thru FA notes or forum. • Basic - $50: • Includes Front & Back full-body flat • Any gender • Any species + humans Complicated character designs will have a +$20 charge. Extras: • +$10 for chibi bust • +$5 for genital preview • +$10 for the first chibi outfit, +$5 for...
  4. Inkblooded

    Fullbody Reference Sheets

    Hello! I am taking commissions for reference sheets. I only have one example, and it's NSFW, so be warned. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27832142/ However, I can do SFW reference sheets. Any species and gender is okay. Prices: Basic SFW (like the example) - $60 Comes with 2 fullbody...
  5. TheKanya

    Reference sheets

    Open for sfw reference, more experience with feral but can do anthro Paypal only $60 for one colored full body with three expressions and one b&w full body sketch $10 per extra colored full body $5 per extra expression $7 per extra full body b&w sketch Examples: www.furaffinity.net...