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reference sheet comissions

  1. MiokaGV

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Reference Sheet Commissions ($55-$90)

    ✿ COMMISSIONS JANUARY 2021 ✿ Hi there! I’m open for Anthro Reference Sheet Commission that includes ・1 Fullbody Front ・1 Fullbody Back ・1 Chibi + 4 outfits ・Backpack and (4) items aesthetic Example ✿ COST AND PAYMENT ✿ There are three options: Reference Sheet Base Color - $55 USD...
  2. mangomango

    (Commission) Selling: Halfbody, Fullbody, Ref Sheet, and Sketch Page Commissions! ($5-$25)

    Hi! I'm Saber, and I'm a digital artist who's excited to be opening up for affordable halfbody, fullbody, and ref sheet commissions! I can't wait to start working with you! I have detailed prices and examples on my commission sheet, and my Terms of Service is here. I'll be accepting payment in...
  3. S

    ISO NSFW Artist for Reference Sheet

    So i'm brand new at this, but my girlfriend has been collecting and having art made for quite some time now. I say this, because i'm not sure how I should be approaching the forums. This is all new to me. :P Anyways my girlfriend has recently said that she would like to have an updated nude...
  4. Levi_KAZ

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Digital Art Commissions 2021 [$15+]

    i am once again asking for your financial support Quick 'About me' section: I am a freelance digital illustrator with a couple of years experience in selling art commissions. I love drawing a lot and am working on doing it full-time. I also game, produce comics and roleplay. I use Clip Studio...
  5. Irhileth

    (Commission) Selling: ☆ Cheap Commissions Open - Reloaded ☆ [$6 - $60]

    IMPORTANT INFO! By the beginning of May I will close this thread since I'm going to update my prices and type of commissions! so take advantage of the last weeks with these prices as they will increase in May (It won't be much! but it's time for renewal) ------------- To start 2020 I make a...
  6. Marshmillow

    (Commission) Selling: Full bodies & ref sheets (£13-£75 GBP)

    Hi! My name is Mïllow, I’m a young (so no NSFW requests please) artist looking to gather a few commissions to help pay for college supplies and Christmas. I take payments via Paypal (I require payment before starting) and will send progress reports as I work on your piece :) I usually take no...
  7. Levi_KAZ

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheet Commissions [€70] SFW/NSFW

    I am currently OPEN for three commission slots! :) The base price is €70 for feral and €80 for anthro, for which you get two fullbody images of your character (back and front OR both sides) and a headshot. Color palette and info are ALWAYS included IF person so desired! They are of no cost...
  8. filhotedeleao

    (Commission) Selling: High quality anime style reference sheet SFW and NSFW $110

    Hi! This is a new reference sheet template I'm offering, a simpler style more like anime, cell shaded for the main pose and flat color for the headshots and views. A sheet like this costs $ 110. Copyright: You shall have the right to reproduction and copyright of the Art, but I shall receive...
  9. michi0michu

    (Commission) Selling: Reference Sheet comissions open! $60

    Hi! i’m Michi Michu one more time! in this occasion I have comissions of reference sheets! They can be editable how much you want and no extra cost, just $60 Usd Here's my social media Facebook.com/michii.michu Instagram.com/michi0michu Twitter: @ mich_hdzL FA...
  10. smear

    character reference, icons, and more!

    hiya! im smear, and id love to do art for you! i specialize in character ref, and vivid full-body illustrations :) visit my website for my prices and expanded portfolio.
  11. breakfastzone

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Ref Sheets for Sale!

    Hello all! I've been making a bunch of simple ref sheets for my characters, so I thought I'd open them up to you guys as well. They'll look like the examples I link (waist up pic unless the character is small enough for a full body, front and back pelt to show markings, color scheme, and...