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reference sheet commission

  1. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) $50 custom character reference sheet, 2 slots!

    This is a one anthro full body with pelt back view reference sheet! Any species is welcome! Order now through my Ko-Fi Here: My Ko-Fi
  2. summs

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Reference sheet 25% off [SFW • NSFW] (Only $35) - Anime/manga style

    ♥ REFERENCE SHEET INFO ♥ CONTACT: DM E-mail: summscommission@gmail.com Discord: (summer#0461) Twitter: @summsArt PAYMENT METHOD: Paypal
  3. HyperChibiAbsol

    (Commission) Reference sheets! ($30-$80)

    Here's my first every reference sheet template! I want to proudly say that can now do reference sheet commissions! Now I am working while doing art on the side again but I have about 28-30 hours a week I can dedicate to drawing. I hope to hear from you guys soon. :3 For facial expressions...
  4. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Emergency DnD/Character Ref Commissions CLOSED! ( 3 Slots )

    Thank you for the support everyone!! All slots have been claimed. Hi all! Opening up some very quick commissions up before university starts up again in March. While these commissions are geared toward DnD characters, I can do any other sort of tabletop character or theme! Just be sure to state...
  5. S

    ISO NSFW Artist for Reference Sheet

    So i'm brand new at this, but my girlfriend has been collecting and having art made for quite some time now. I say this, because i'm not sure how I should be approaching the forums. This is all new to me. :P Anyways my girlfriend has recently said that she would like to have an updated nude...
  6. spr-out

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions - O P E N [ 8 € - 80 € ]

    Hello! I'm Bitesize and I'm a digital illustrator currently open for commissions via Paypal. ・ NSFW ・ SFW ・ Furry ・ Human ・ I won't do : ferals and mecha • Commission Form • contact email : bitesize.commissions@gmail.com Pricing : Links : furaffinity - deviantart - twitter EXAMPLES :
  7. howff


    After hiding my interest in furries for a long while, I'm stepping out and I would love to have my fursona brought to life in a full reference sheet. I've browsed around and come to the realization that I'm pretty bad at figuring out where to look for this sort of thing, so I thought my best bet...
  8. Vin

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Ref Sheets on a base for $20 - $40

    Doing reference sheets with the lockworkorange base, can design a character for you, make a ref for a character without one, or even update an older character. Price is dependant on the complexity of the design. Comment below if you are interested or feel free to DM me here or on Telegram...
  9. strategyruins

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheets Open! Complex or Simple! ($35-40)

    My commissions are open once again! Feel free to hit me up on here or Discord (absolute shitlord#8177) to discuss specifics & payment. Simple: $35.00 / 1 full-body with 2 chibis, teeth & mouth, pawpads, and information. Complex: $40.00 / 1 full-body with 2 chibis OR 2 full-bodies front & back...
  10. michi0michu

    (Commission) Selling: Reference Sheet comissions open! $60

    Hi! i’m Michi Michu one more time! in this occasion I have comissions of reference sheets! They can be editable how much you want and no extra cost, just $60 Usd Here's my social media Facebook.com/michii.michu Instagram.com/michi0michu Twitter: @ mich_hdzL FA...
  11. HarperRubenWesson

    Hiring: High Quality Digital Artist Wanted! ~250 USD Budget

    In Search Of High-Quality, Semi-Realistic Anthro Digital Artist Requirements • Plenty of Anthro Equine Experience • Telegram Max Budget ~225 to 250 USD Project Type Character Redesign Project Description: Looking for someone to do an update to the design of a zebra character. This takes...
  12. breakfastzone

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Ref Sheets for Sale!

    Hello all! I've been making a bunch of simple ref sheets for my characters, so I thought I'd open them up to you guys as well. They'll look like the examples I link (waist up pic unless the character is small enough for a full body, front and back pelt to show markings, color scheme, and...
  13. D

    (Commission) Selling: 7$-45$+ Open Comms

    Hey there! Been a while since I tried dipping toes here, but I'll give it another shot--My prices and examples can be seen here! You can message me here/comment here, or send me a private message through DeviantArt: Ashvanna on DeviantArt or Discord: Ashvanna#1268 Any unpleasant messages or...
  14. Amyntas

    Hiring: Need a Ref-Sheet, based on an existing one (NSFW - feral wyvern)

    Hello everyone!~ So, a while back I commissioned a ref-sheet of my first fursona, Amyntas - He was an anthro wyvern. Now I want him to be a feral one though, so I need a new ref-sheet. ^^ (Because honestly, feral wyverns look better.) The existing ref-sheet is down below for reference. I'd also...
  15. C

    Hiring: ~CLOSED~ Fursona reference sheets

    ~CLOSED~ Hi, my boyfriend and I are new to furaffinity and are look for someone to make fursona reference sheets for us. must be reasonably priced, we are willing to pay between $65 -$75 a piece. (we are looking for extremely detailed ref. sheets.) Must be willing to: -list character...
  16. Azalease

    Hiring: Looking for Multiple Reference Sheets

    Hi there, On the suggestion of a friend of mine seeking to resolve a long standing issue, I am here to ask if someone would be willing to do a bulk order of reference sheets. I'm looking for someone who would be able to do the following - By "Bulk Order", I mean you will be doing multiple...
  17. ~MatsukoMei

    30$ reference sheets~(SFW)

    ~Hi everyone!~ I am currently open for 25$ reference sheets commissions, I love to draw these uwù I have a quick turnaround, since the reference sheet would be done within the end of the week(sunday). I only take paypal! If you have any question, just ask me! Also I know I am new on...
  18. Zetsuboupuppet

    Discounted Reference Sheets ($30) (4/4 OPEN)

    I am offering 4 discounted reference sheet slots! I haven't got much anthro commissions in a while and I miss them! At the discounted price of $30, you can get a front view, a back view, written information (Name, Age, Gender, other info) and the color palette. I can work with textual...
  19. spookyfoxinc

    Colourful & Toony Reference Sheets!

    Hi there! I'm Spooky, and I'm currently offering reference sheets! Prices start at £25 for a reference sheet like this: However; you can also order a more complex reference sheet. Feel free to inquire about extra: headshots fullbodies maw/pawshots sketches To order, DM me here, or hit...
  20. L

    Leopard Reference sheet

    Hello all! I am looking for someone who is willing to draw a reference sheet of my Leopard fursona. I am looking for someone who has experience drawing high quality big cats. SFW/NSFW accepted. Cost is no issue. Cheers Lui the Leopard