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  1. Rakkira

    Reference request

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any artists interested in drawing my floatzel for a reference sheet based on a text description, willing to discuss details in PMs or E-Mails, Thank you.
  2. Rap Daniel

    I need a ref sheet.

    REMEMBER, I will accept only SFW content. The character is Rap, an anthro velociraptor. (Jurassic Park style.) Clothing includes a torn Jurassic Park T-shirt (Because he thinks it as sexy), white shorts, no shoes, and no hat. No hair Blue eyes with slit pupils Digitigrade feet (He stands on...
  3. L

    Leopard Reference sheet

    Hello all! I am looking for someone who is willing to draw a reference sheet of my Leopard fursona. I am looking for someone who has experience drawing high quality big cats. SFW/NSFW accepted. Cost is no issue. Cheers Lui the Leopard
  4. Ruchiel

    Furry digital commission from 8$

    Hello, I would like to offer my services, if you are looking for illustration, reference of your OC of any kind, icon/avatar or just simple sketch... and more. I think I can handle almost every topic. ;) My galleries: Userpage of Ruchiel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net , Ruchiel on DeviantArt Here...
  5. Sprite

    (CLOSED) NSFW Reference Sheet - Companion Piece

    Hi! I'm looking for some to create a companion piece for my character's reference sheet. They are a demigoddess with some minor shape changing abilities, which she sometimes uses to grow a penis. I need a pose to express this fact along with showcasing her weapon. You can see both the...
  6. Keykaye

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Cheap YCH Ref Sheets

    Hey guys just wanting to sell some cheep ref sheets to save up some money Price starts at 20 USD and that included a front and back view, any minor details(Mouth, foot and markings), and color pallet. +5 USD for extra details such as alternate tail or hair styles, they are included together as...
  7. Synari

    Looking for Pokemon Ref-Sheet Artist! (x2~100$)

    Hello there- I'm currently looking for an artist who's familiar with pokemon, or is at least comfortable drawing pokemon to draw a semi-anthro male Torracat reference. I'm thinking of keeping it simple enough, a front and back bipedal stance sfw, and then perhaps a really simple nsfw version...
  8. E

    Looking for Artist for Sona Sketch

    Hey everyone, I'm not one for long introductions, so I'll just cut to the chase. I'm looking for an artist willing to draw a sketch/reference of my black bear fursona. Since this will be my first ever commission, I have no visual references but will be more than happy to provide a detailed...
  9. B

    I need a head and arm wings, October deadline

    My budget is $500. The head must be glasses friendly and toony. The wings can be made of fleece and there will not be paws, so the wearer's hands would be exposed. Each wing will be 32 inches length from the start of one's shoulder to the tip. The dark part of the wings will go down to one's...
  10. Inkblooded

    Fullbody Reference Sheets

    Hello! I am taking commissions for reference sheets. I only have one example, and it's NSFW, so be warned. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27832142/ However, I can do SFW reference sheets. Any species and gender is okay. Prices: Basic SFW (like the example) - $60 Comes with 2 fullbody...
  11. StaticSatan

    (Commission) Selling: [$15-100+] AUGUST SLOTS OPEN SFW/NSFW

    I take payment upfront before starting on your commission. Slot number doesn't determine the order I'll finish your commission in. Even though it says fullbody, I'm open for headshots, waist-ups, etc. Prices are the the same, but you're guaranteed I'll spend the same amount of time on your...
  12. ruruscube

    female Reference Sheet YCH

    Here: (NSFW for nudity!) www.furaffinity.net: (OPEN) Reference Sheet YCH by ruruscube
  13. g0atmeal

    [CLOSED] Looking to commission two reference sheets for my goat. Budget $40-60 each.

    Hi there! I’m looking for an artist to do two reference sheets. For the first, I just want a revamp of my current ref (linked below) with very few changes. For the second, I will need character design help because it is a completely new character with no references other than a description...
  14. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    PunK Bunnie Reference Sheet

    Rockin' it as always! How's it going my fellow furries? PinkPunK here and currently looking for something that I do think is highly needed. In order to show my (hopefully will grow) fans every bit of me, I'm going to need a reference sheet that details all of that. My budget is $80-125USD (I...
  15. Tyma

    I need to practice dragons

    Hi! I'd like to practice drawing dragons or dragon-like creatures, so I'm looking for references. Feel free to send me some (SFW please). I'll pick one or maybe two and draw today or next week. (No first come first served) Here are some examples of my work: Tymkiev's DeviantArt Gallery
  16. Sprite

    Need NSFW Reference for Chubby Herm (CLOSED)

    I recently purchased an adopt and was looking to have it fleshed out and defined better than its original, simplistic picture. The character is a hermaphroditic dragon with a heavyset, chubby build. I'm specifically defining their race as sea dragon. I have some specifications as to exactly how...
  17. happysparrow

    $5 Pixels and More!

    Hello! I am still new to the furry fandom, but learned something valuable... I love drawing furries. Like. A lot. Because of this, I would like to advertise a few commissions! I've practiced and practiced and think I'm finally ready! So, you may ask, what kind of commissions? Well, let me tell...
  18. Vistrym

    Reference Sheet 40 USD

    Paypal only 2 sided reference (front and back), along with head (front view), pawpad colors, color bar, and small info box. Contact me if interested and wanting to buy I already have the sketch that's ready to be lined Here's an example of a piece made with the sketch involving my OC
  19. R

    Looking to Commission a Budsies Reference Sheet ($40-50 USD Budget)

    Hello, I'm looking for someone that can do a reference sheet with a front/back/side reference for a fairly simple character called Yashy who I'll be making into a plush through a commission on Budsies, alongside some simple information such as their name/age/gender. Copying an art style will be...
  20. mildboy

    Reference Sheets $15-$30

    I can do a reference sheet like this for $15-$30 depending on complexity