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  1. TehDoge1991

    Basic Ref Sheet(s)

    Looking for an artist to make a reference sheet for my boyfriends character and possibly to update my reference sheet. Budget for just his is $15-$25, for both tops at $40. Please post examples of your work or links to it along with your quote. We'll look at them together and get back to you...
  2. theCRAZYshow

    What you think?

    I made a ref of my fursona and I would like to know what you think. It's text only because I can't draw. Name: Crayz (last name unknown) height: 6.7ft weight: 196lb Age: 23 gender: male Intrests: Thinking about philosophical and dark questions and coding. physical description: A skinny...
  3. DeadBombArt

    Reference Sheets! - 2 slots opened

    Hey there! I am offering custom character reference Sheets. 2 slots only! Everything is drawn by me (no bases). I can work from descriptions to help create a custom reference sheet to your liking. Right now, I am only offering simple color references (like the first sample). Full painted...
  4. Brandon G.

    New to this world and need a ref for my fursona

    Hi, I'm new to the furry world and would like a full body of my sona standing. naturally i have no ref photo since this will be my first. what i am looking for is a thin fox with the classic white, orange, and black markings in a dapper outfit(slacks, button up shirt, vest, and bowtie or tie)...
  5. AlleycatIrony


    y'all i made this fool and i don't want them so i'm selling them for $25 AUD comment if ur interested whoever buys them gets to keep this pic as a ref for w/e use they want it for
  6. AlleycatIrony

    Adoptables + Free Ref Sheet

    hey y'all so i drew up these two babies and one's a fennec who's always sleepy and hates his job, and the other is an owl who lives in and is styled after a coconut tree! fennec boy is $20 and owl girl is $25, both come w/ these as free refs (in AUD) contact me on FA if you're interested...
  7. Silver Wind34

    Puffin Ref sheet

    Hello all. I'm wondering if anybody out there that is willing to do a ref sheet for my new fursona who is a puffin. I can trade for a story (typically a little more than 2k words) or free if you're not interested in a story. Please get back to me at your leisure.
  8. Mid-Nightshade

    Custom Reference Sheet 50$

    I'm opening Three Slots for Reference sheets to be done to help us cover upcoming Rent. They'll look similar to this, though you can customize it by adding things as you'd like it and changing whatever shape. This is just the basic style it'll be in unless you have another request. I can do any...
  9. Lisyonok_Fox33

    Just need some quick help

    I'm a beginner artist and I just need some help drawing a quick sketch of a Fox ,or any canine, in a front view face position with a "surprised" expression ( one where the mouth goes into a small circle ). I don't know how the perspective/fore-shorting would like involving the jaw and mouth. Can...
  10. DravenDonovan

    Digital References Sheet ($150 budget) (CLOSED)

    I've found my artist to do the job~ The deal is set and the payment is sent, so I'm no longer in the market. I want to thank everyone who showed me your wonderful art and took the time to consider doing this project for me :3 I super appreciate it~ Hiya, as the title says, I'm in the market...
  11. Darklunac

    YCH -adopts - 5$ iron artist - commission

    Hey everyone! I have a couple of things for sell right now! Lets start with my YCHs! I have a pokemon go themed one and an autumn themed one: They will be made in theis style: I also have 2 colorful griffin adopts right here looking for a family: Alongside my regular commissions...
  12. Taylove

    30usd Full Ref Sheets!

    I am doing ref sheet base commissions <3 Price is only 30usd Rules: ~Only females for now! ~Flat colored, will include character info, color palette, and two chibis for extra outfits or nude ~I can edit the body type any way needed ~An extremely complicated design might result in a slight...
  13. Idris21

    Hi guys! Cheap Commissions Offered Here!

    Hiya everyone! ^.=.^ I have some commission slots available for people who want artwork! I specialize in colourful, happy and cute stuff as well as paws and macros and micros! I'm an amateur when it comes to shading but I still do it! And I also do weekly ychs too! Here's my info...
  14. Yarik

    Reference Sheets & Scenes (Open)

    Hello all! I'm offering Commissions budgets of many kinds. Pretty much everything "full" you find in my gallery is 50€ but there can be done cuts to lower the costs. (Look up the flexible options!) You can also find all the pricing information you need on my FA commission-tab. If you're using...
  15. Ronnoc_the_Owl

    Spare Money For Char. Ref. Sheet, $20 minimum, $60 max (Closed)

    I'm looking for an artist that can do a character reference sheet for me. I've had this character idea for about a year now and I'd like to have a reference sheet for it. I'm willing to spend at least $20 and at most, $60. I can be contacted here Userpage of ronnoctheowl -- Fur Affinity [dot]...
  16. furryfilth

    Artists who can draw Aristocats style?

    My fursona is very much like Duchess, and I'm looking to commission someone who can draw in a similar style, though a bit edgier. If you can, or if you know anyone who can, let me know! I may need your talent.
  17. Rmania

    Drawing Reference Books/Sites

    Hi! I'm currently reading a movement and form drawing syllabus book that i got earlier this year and I wondered if anyone had any good musculature/anatomy reference books or sites that they can recommend? I found a really good pose website that gives you 360 perspective view of someone in a...
  18. ToxicLeakage

    Looking for Free Art

    I know that is weird to ask for in general but... I just came back to Furaffinity after a long time away. I have had many accounts before and now I can only consider them as steps towards finding my true self. This has been a very long process filled with much suffering and well, I won't jabber...
  19. euthanizedCanine

    What do YOU think should be in a reference sheet?

    Plain and simple. I'm redoing my reference sheet now for my fursona, and I'm kinda wondering... is all of this necessary? Do I add the likes/dislikes? Should I add his different expressions (angry/ashamed/sad/excited/etc) or is it overdoing it? So why not ask the forums! What do YOU think is...
  20. Meowmixx101

    Moondancer Adoptable Auction

    Hi everyone! She's looking for a good home. Full info and bidding is in this link: www.furaffinity.net: Dancing Moon Auction by Meowmixx101 Starting price is 80