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  1. kioshikioshikioshi

    Welcome to the Furaffinity Forums, Kioshi!

    Hey Furaffinity Forums, I'm new to the furry fandom so I'm going to introduce myself with my very first reference sheet made by Psyche on Discord! I'm going to talk a bit about myself who I am! Hi, my name is Kioshi and I'm 21 years old, living in the Netherlands. I have a chronic illness that...
  2. strategyruins

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheets Open! Complex or Simple! ($35-40)

    My commissions are open once again! Feel free to hit me up on here or Discord (absolute shitlord#8177) to discuss specifics & payment. Simple: $35.00 / 1 full-body with 2 chibis, teeth & mouth, pawpads, and information. Complex: $40.00 / 1 full-body with 2 chibis OR 2 full-bodies front & back...
  3. strategyruins

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheet Commissions Open! ($30-35)

    I'm now open again for ref sheet commissions! Hit me up through a note on here or on Discord @ absolute shitlord#8177 if you're interested and we can discuss details & payment! Thanks! Simple: $30.00 / 1 full-body with 2 chibis, teeth & mouth, pawpads, and information. Complex: $35.00 / 1...
  4. M

    New(ish) to the fandom

    Hello! Im pretty new to the fandom, well kinda. I created a fursona about 4 months ago but I didn't like her, so I trashed that one and made a completely different one, I would like to note that I am a female but my fursona is a male. I don't think it matters much but some people (usually males)...
  5. Mydlas

    Commissions starting at 10$-90$ Great quality

    My prices My FA Page My DA Page I'm currently open for commissions. I've been drawing for a living since 3 years and I had a tiny hiatus and since then, I'd like to advertise my art on in here, to let you all know I exist! I can animate icons to draw in cool animated sketches, I...