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  1. XseArt

    (Commission) Selling: Reference sheet commissions NSFW/SFW 40-150$

    Prices: *Feral single pose reference sheet: 40$ Small reference sheet: includes one pose, 2 headshots - 55$, NSFW version + 10$ Medium : includes two poses, 3 character expressions (headshots) - 80$; NSFW version +10$ Large: 3 poses, 3 character expressions, various close ups. Third pose can...
  2. T

    Free reff for my OC? NSFW and sfw edits appreciated.

    Im in some serious need of a reff for my character, it can be super simple, like just a body shot of her. A SFW and a NSFW if possible. Let me know if your interested, im willing to negotiate a price but free gets to the front of the line. Cheaper the better. She's a Herm lopunny with peircings...