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  1. C

    Hiring: Character Reference Sheets (NSFW)

    Hi there, Longtime lurker on the main furaffinity here, looking to commission three (3) character sheets. It wouldn’t be immediately, I’m trying to gauge interest and prices so I can figure out a budget, so it might be three over a period of time or all at once in the coming months. I would be...
  2. Narri

    (WIP) The MotherLoad Of Art References. For challenges, random studies, and more.

    I’ve made a thread or two in the past surrounding references and tutorials. They got a bit of attention but now I want to make a thread dedicated just for FREE references for people to use. Everything Will Be Divided Into Categories to help you :p If you have any additions feel free to post...
  3. KingKaine

    Hiring: Character Reference Sheet (price range 120 $ - 180 $)

    Hello I'm Kainé I have quite a few commissions of my character but I don't have an actual reference sheet. That's been something I've been wanting to get done for a while now, I'm gonna add an image of him and you can always message me if you want more. But I'm looking for someone who can make a...
  4. Narri

    Heaps of art references, reasources,tips, and guides

    I didn't know whether to post this in the links section or not. I wanted to start a thread putting together a lot of references and guides. So I am going to include some of the stuff I have found and if anyone else finds anything worth contributing, post a comment with the link or your ideas...