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  1. D

    I’m trying to register and account but it doensnt work

    i’ve tried like 5 times to make an account and it keeps coming up with “invalid” message and idk why????? i’ve been doing it on my phone. i saw a response here earlier about having to do it on the same tab you started the login on but it forces me to use a second one and doesn’t let me go...
  2. bunnyriri

    Account Registration Disabled

    hiii! i'm a newbie here and i was just wondering how long the account registration has been disabled?? been trying for a couple of days now and nothing @.@ i really wanna become active there and start posting my art :'')
  3. Rocky77

    create new account disabled

    Hy, I hope I'm right here....I've been trying to create a new accound for a few days because you can't change the username ... but every time I try to create a new accound the following message appears what's going on there ?
  4. M

    What are all the acceptable characters for FA usernames?

    Aside from numbers and letters, I know I have seen dashes"-" and I think I have seen underscores"_", but what are the others? Is there a way to do spaces?
  5. Ashwolves5

    A new furry convention: Furrydelphia

    there is a new convention this year in the Philadelphia area! Furrydelphia. They are currently offer free lunch everyday too for those doing preregistration. What a deal! Fun and food. Furrydelphia - Philadelphia's Very Own Furry Convention! I will be there as a vendor but I wanted to let other...
  6. nyannom1

    Quick questions for FurCon 2017

    Hello all, Further Confusion 2017 will be my very first convention I will go to and I have some questions that I couldn't find on the official site. If any of these questions actually are on the site, please let me know where. 1) The first day of the convention is the day where people who...