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  1. A

    My bf keeps getting nsfw art with others. Kinda vent

    Kind of a vent. As the title says, my boyfriend keeps getting nsfw art with others and I personally am not comfortable with it. I already told him once that Im not a huge fan of it when he gets nsfw art with others. He says that he has no feelings and is not bonded to his oc and he doesnt care...
  2. TyraWadman

    What Do You Need...

    ...from a friend right now? Even if we conquered another milestone last week, that doesn't mean all other obstacles have stopped popping up! You can be as vague or as detailed as you like. Just trying to provoke discussion. I'm not sure how to sum it up but 'I don't feel like I matter'...
  3. EmiSheep

    Any poly furs?

    I was curious to know if there where any polyamorous furs around. I live in Texas so i'd be even cooler if there is anyone in the área ♡ Tell me your poly stories/journies! ♡♡♡ i want to know the polyfurs ♡♡♡
  4. Kyrie_Nova

    Being more open about furry stuff with my partner

    I have been in a relationship with a wonderful person for about two and a half years. Things are going great aside from one minor snag. I am a furry and she knows this. I don’t own a fursuit, but I do have these dragon scale crochet gloves that I wear around her a bunch. She likes them, says...
  5. kiroku

    RP & Relationships

    Hopefully this hasn't been discussed to death already. I have my telegram on my FA profile and I don't mind when anyone contacts me about whatever, but recently more and more of conversations I'm involved in start to turn into the other person beginning to RP with me. Usually it's friendly and...
  6. littlecoffeefox

    Intimacy with an Arctic Fox

    Hello, I'm Iku: an Arctic Fox. I enjoy a balance of time alone and time with friends. My passion is to do the things that make me happy and be able to help others with the same. I like outdoor sports: rock climbing, biking and snowboarding. And indoor sports: board games, food, cooking and...
  7. Aaron U Pictus

    Successes of an online, long distance, long term relationship.

    I think there are a few other furs who stand with me in saying this. I feel like many good and wonderful relationships get a bad rap beacuse the couple found each other online either on a forum in a fandom or whilst gaming online. And yet I find in many cases (this coming from experience)...
  8. Lea.Tigris

    Single furs?

    I know there have been so many of these threads but I can seem to find any now so decided to make a fresh one. Single? Looking? Post your shiz here! Edit: Have a little form if you don't know where to start. ^^ Name: Gender: Orientation: Personality: Interests: More info:
  9. SharpUnforgiven

    Lonely 24M

    lets see what happens - yus im sick of being alone. just pm me if u wanna chat or whatever
  10. F

    Can't decide on Sona but S/O did. Anyone else?

    So, I'd say I'm new to the Furry community, but I've been skirting around the edges for a long time. I guess it was less that I wasn't in the community so much as I didn't know it existed until now? Anyways, I've gone through my fair share of fursonas in the past, unfortunately, and I still...
  11. C

    I want to try a Tsundere RP!

    So, this is something i havent really tried. as i write this i dont have much else to go on than your character being Tsundere. (definition i found on urban dictionary, for those who dont know it "being on the surface sharp and sarcastic but underneath lovestruck and fawning") i will think of...
  12. Hetnensilverfox

    New relationship, what's the right thing to do?

  13. BohemianHoliday

    My Master is in search of another pet, wanna play?

    Hi! My boyfriend and I are in search of another furry lady to join our relationship! He likes those who are original, so I regret to inform you that I am the only cat species he allows, sorry! Requirements: -female -furry - comfortable with a three-way relationship (yes, I'm a part of this too...
  14. NekoSuperiority

    Looking for Love (0/////0)

    Hiya! I'm a young Male cat looking for love. I am a Top, and pretty alpha. I'm looking for a Femboy or M2F companion. I am very loving and accepting, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. (^w^)/