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  1. G

    Anyone else grow up Mormon?

    So, playing Echo brought back a lot of painful memories for me of what it was like growing up in a small, dysfunctional western town. Combine this with being a repressed gay in a mormon family. Honestly, the writers captured that angst and atmosphere perfectly, though I kind of wish they hadn't...
  2. Parabellum3

    The Scriptures Of The Corvidae

    1. Our Lord The Outcast, our creator and the founder of our Kingdom, has given thy blessed Gift in the form of abilities that break the boundaries of time and nature as a result of selection judged by His interest in the individual. Thy Gift shall be carried on through offspring within thy kin...
  3. Yakamaru

    Atheist/Theist Thread

    Seeing as the Christianity thread is limited to, well, Christianity, I thought I'd make a generic thread for Atheists and Theists alike. Rules for the thread: - Be civil - Show people the kind of respect you want them to show you - Don't be an ass, basically
  4. Rainbow Roo

    Furry Christian themed Discord server!

    Hi all! I have been with the furry community for quite a good bit of time - probably on or pre-2000. In my time I've been able to frequent various furry themed mucks, Second Life areas and other communities, though since becoming a Christian as of just a couple of years ago, I've noticed...
  5. I

    Dear Christian Furries....

    Not too long ago, I realized that our fandom may not be as welcoming and tolerant of people as we often say we are. A Christian furry came to these forums and asked if there were others like him and if he could possibly make friends with us. Unfortunately I saw reactions of paranoia, aggression...
  6. I

    The Dumpster Fire: New Discord Server

    This is a Discord server dedicated to all the political drama on FAF in the hopes that people will take their flamewars here and make the forums more enjoyable for everyone else who is not interested in political discussions. People of all political parties and ideologies are welcome here...
  7. Leo Whitepaw

    What's everyone's faith, if you have one?

    The title says it all :V
  8. Telnac

    What is your faith/doctrine/religion (if any?)

    THIS IS NOT A DEBATE TOPIC! If you want to debate, make your own thread! What is your faith/doctrine/religion/guiding philosophy (if any?)
  9. D

    Christian Furry Discord Chat!

    I made a Discord server for furries who are Christians! Please join! * Note: all are welcomed, but know it is a Christian server. Questions are welcomed, insults and hatred are not! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  10. D

    Christ in the Fandom?

    I am new to the furry fandom, and as my fursona (pfp) and bio suggests - I am a very devout in it. I am hoping to find others who are, like me, in the fandom and are also devout believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. I come not to judge other furries or to say I am better than anybody...
  11. WolfNightV4X1

    Religious Extremism is no joke, guys!

    Posted to another site, reposting here for the lulz But yeah, Welp, I think my dad went full-religious batshit insane, unfortunately. We were having a conversation about how they found out my dog had a microchip. Cool, normal. Then he said they've been calling him "devil dog". I was...
  12. K

    Canine Pantheon

    Greetings one and all. I am currently writing a story and I was making up religions for the various major anthro race types (canine, feline, lizard-folk, etc.). The main character is a wolf and one of his traveling companions is a cleric for the canine pantheon: The Divine Pack. The canine...
  13. *Insert Clever Name

    [POLL] Are you a Therian/Otherkin?

    Just curious. Please answer honestly; there is no reason to lie on an anonymous poll.