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  1. fralea

    Hanukkah YCH (flat rate)

    For family or couple. The number of people lighting the menorah can vary - two adults, one adult and a kid, one adult and two kids, or two adults and a kid. Whatever works best for you. Any upright species, including humans. Any gender. No extra cost for wings. $75 USD (this price includes...
  2. D

    The Lonely Man’s Heart

    Why Lord must they suffer? Why, O’ Lord most pure? Why do they have so much to endure? Those seeking another, To find none but loneliness. What is this loneliness You allow? Is it not the breaker of many hearts? The author of many doubts? It takes their heart to steal, And empty do they feel...
  3. D

    The Bandit Attack

    This section of Felix's story happens about a week after this one: forums.furaffinity.net: A Short Walk Through the Streets of England It is helpful to read Felix's character sheet before reading this: www.furaffinity.net: My Fursona: The Puritan Fox by Felix_Bernard ... “But why Tigrash...
  4. D

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    Hear me out now before continue reading! I do NOT write this out of spite or hatred or out of a prideful heart. I write this genuinely out of personal convictions which are central to my faith. To those who disagree, please give me the same respect and civility I am here about to give you - and...
  5. D

    Christian Furry Discord Chat!

    I made a Discord server for furries who are Christians! Please join! * Note: all are welcomed, but know it is a Christian server. Questions are welcomed, insults and hatred are not! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  6. D

    A Short Walk Through the Streets of England

    Here is a very short snippet of the story I am developing for my fursona, Felix Bernard. It is best to read his character sheet first before reading this to understand some of the background. Character sheet: www.furaffinity.net: My Fursona: The Puritan Fox by Felix_Bernard His paws were...
  7. D

    The Puritan Fox: My Fursona

    Name: Felix Bernard Sex: Male Species: Fox Height: 5’10” Appearance: - Fur: Orange-reddish and white fur - Eyes: Green - Markings: A scar on his stomach and two black slabs on both sides his snout Personality: - A bit reserved at times but extremely passionate and loving - Devoutly...
  8. striderfvcker

    $10+ Busts/Headshots!! 2 Slots

    So I've decided to start offering a few commission slots for headshots and busts specifically!! I usually do a lot of gore/dubiously religious themes, so if that's anyone's bag I've got you covered!! I can also provide a link to my FA account and provide more examples, if necessary. I'll...