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  1. KD142000

    Remaking the GTA series maps

    Hey, all! So, recently, I started remaking the GTA maps to be slightly more accurate to their real life counterparts. I'll post them in this thread when I'm done making them. I'll be adding both the original maps and my remakes with each post. Let me know what you think! You can also buy...
  2. Retto Elbaroda

    Anyone in mood to remake a Slovak punk-rock song?

    This is likely a wrong place to ask, but considering our community is usually LGBT friendly, I thought I could try to post it here too... So basically, there is this Slovak punkish song called "L & G Song" by the Horkýže Slíže band. The L & G stands for Lesbian and Gay, and for some reason I...
  3. E

    Games You'd Like to See Remade/Remastered

    With the Okami HD rerelease out and the Shadows of the Colossus remake soon to follow, I'm feeling a bit spoiled for games I loved before coming back out on better systems. Are there any old games you'd like to see remade or remastered for the current gen of consoles? Or just upgraded to fully...