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  1. RenniksArts

    (Commission) Selling: Profile Icons from £10gbp

    Want a Profile pic for your Social Media Needs? You can grab one from me for as little as £10gbp and get its as soon as the same day of purchase! What can you get? Flatcolour Icon: £10gbp Cellshaded Icon: £15gbp Fullshaded Icon: £25gbp These are commissions that can be done quickly but with...
  2. RenniksArts

    New to FA forums, introducing myself

    Nice to meet everyone, my name is RenniksArts. I used to be under the name Sketchy Doodle when I did art. I focused on pony art. That has changes due to the pony art community basically making me now want nothing to do with them. Between customers that spend weeks telling me I've done...