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reply restrictions

  1. Simo

    Reply Restrictions & What Triggers them

    Hello! I was curious about what triggers 'reply restrictions'. I know in the the past that if one one posted a certain number of posts in a certain amount of time, these were in place as a way to deter (possible) spam. But I was wondering if anyone could clarify how many posts trigger them, and...
  2. -Praydeth-

    How long do reply restrictions restrictions last for most?

    I have had reply restrictions for nearly 12 hours now , THIS IS INSANE! I expected to be pretty bad but i did not expect them to be this bad. While i certainly agree i needed reply restrictions put on me i didn't expect them to last 12 dam hours. Also this happens to people who don't deservere...
  3. EdgyMemeLord0

    Reply restrictions bug

    Well, I can't reply to stuff anymore because it always says "Please see reply restrictions that apply here" (or something like that) It only goes away every few hours and If I reply somewhere, it starts all over again and ut gets worse and worse... Anyone knows why this keeps happening?