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  1. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Frog Fighter

    Did anyone would like to draw oc fighter ? Yoga dentrobate, named Surndra: Reinelerd and Hermann, hermit geckos:
  2. EmeraldWuff

    Request: Wanna try drawing my characters? (big variety)

    Hello there! I'm always really happy to see my characters in other people's styles, like a different touch other people give, but of course SFW. Would anyone wanna try drawing one of them? Of course if one catches your eye. Perhaps you're gonna find some you'd like if you're a fan of: - wolves...
  3. TheArtOfDHT

    Show your reptilians

    Meet the Kimonis, a species of reptilians from another star system. Billy and Miriam Chester, Ashley and Jared respectively Ashley getting car attacked by an ol' rusty truck. Virtualized Billy Now let us see yours

    Requests for practice and other stuff [SFW/NSFW]

    First, before you do ANYTHING; read all the text in this first post. I will be able to tell if you don't, seriously. You're more likely to get picked if you pay attention and follow the instructions. This is another requests for practice thread, you probably know what those are. The premise is...
  5. PercyD

    {Closed 1-26 thru 2-2} Flat 40 YCH! [Body Diversity][Exotic Species Marine & Reptilian]

    Hello! I'm shutting down the shop for the next week. You can find out why here: www.furaffinity.net: {Closed} Special Resting Day: Fathers B-Day &100 Submissions -- PercyD's Journal TL;DR: I'm honoring my late father's b-day this week. Plus I've got some grants due on the 1st to crank out! Any...
  6. Inkblooded

    All (or most) Scalies/Reptiles are Vorers

    This is not a species discrimination ok, so hear me out All (or at least most) reptiles/scalies are vorers (predator) (and probably all amphibians too) Think about it. how do reptiles eat? they devour LIVE prey. they are not like cats who snap their prey's neck before eating, no, lizards and...