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request art

  1. dove123123123

    Request: Anyone wanna draw my penguin?

    Hey guys! I'm new here on the fourms. I have several pictures of my penguin you can take reference from: Artwork Gallery for dove123123123 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net It is NSFW so be careful! Thank you for reading. I'm looking for free art. It will be posted on my gallery
  2. N

    Request: Idk if anyone here draws humanoid characters but...

    Can I possibly get some artwork of my newest baby?
  3. DariusTheLoony

    Request: Anyone willing to draw him?

    Greetings and Salutations, Would any of you like to draw my character Darius N. Røadkill? He is a kind and sweet rodent that is a mix of a mousefolk and a ratfolk. He may have his sexual tendencies but he is truly a good individual so if you can draw him I will definitely appreciate it...
  4. NovaSwiftBrony

    Request: Looking for someone to draw a pair of Pokemon.

    NSFW or SFW I'm looking to find someone to draw a pair of pokemon ocs together. The two pokemon in specific are a Braixen and a Lucario. As for thier references here they are. Extra pics in the other files below If you're interested reply below or hit me up on discord NovaTheLucario#6590...
  5. R

    Open to request

    I am here and ready to take some requests preferably nsfw requests
  6. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Strawberry fox bab fursona

    Feel free to draw 'em. He loves strawberries, pastel colors, sweets/desserts, and soft/comfy clothing. He is a silly lil guy. ---------- I made him on Gaia Online but I'd love to see how you'll draw him.
  7. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone here draw human characters?

    I'd really love to get art of my shy baby boy-
  8. BrunoMax895

    Request: Looking to have characters from animated show drawn

    Hey there guys. So, I just noticed that this forum had a place to give out request for some art. I thought I give it a try and see if there's anyone interested in drawing characters from my animated comedy show, V.I.P. Very Important Pup. I have an FA and dA account, putting some artwork there...
  9. N

    Request: Axolotl OC art request!

    Some pics of him for reference:
  10. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone here draw ponies?

    I have a pony I made but there's no art done of her yet, so I'd really love to see what can possibly be drawn of her! ^^ She is overall shy and socially awkward, but she's very social and silly with those she knows well!
  11. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Ponysona request art!

    Maybe someone can try drawing her? Nobody's made art of my character just yet.. So I think I should post her here in case anyone would be interested? I did join this forum because someone recommended it for me, I can't afford commissions so yeah--
  12. N

    Request: Looking for art of an old fursona of mine

    Feel free to draw her when you can, I'd love to see your artwork of my precious purple fluffball!
  13. morbid_ideals

    Free Art: Trying to improve! [taking requests]

  14. N

    Request: If anyone's interested I have an art request--

    I'd love to see my cat fursona in one of these two sweaters-- ------------------- Reference to my kitty: -------------------- Mainly looking for an icon/profile pic but I'd love to see what you can draw for me!
  15. N

    Request: Anybody willing to draw my kitty fursona?

    Safe for work art ONLY! - I encourage creative freedom, so do what you will for her as long as it's cute/wholesome and safe.
  16. frannyboy

    Free Art: Looking for a Valentine for my fursona!

    Hey there! In the spirit of the holiday, I decided I'm gonna handpick a date for my fursona Francesco! c: This is what he looks like: Franny refs - Google Drive I'll be looking over the possible dates for the next 5 days and finish a drawing of them together by the 14th! If you're interested...
  17. CrownedKitten

    Free Art: Vday giving your Oc a cheek kiss

    I'm fairly new to this/fA in general, but I decided to take 5 cheek kiss requests! By this, I mean that I'll draw my main Oc, Kyu kissing your oc's cheek. Examples being something like this and this! Rules: This is not first come first serve, I'll hanpick five! Male ocs prefered since they're...
  18. Pulmocean


    Hello! I open free requests for those who will watch me on FA! All you have to do is watch my page pulmocean and comment here journal Thank you!
  19. Kierof

    Free Art: (NSFW) Female Furry OC request! #2

    Hi again! I'm here for your any female fursona (including futanari and shemale!) Send me your female OCs to draw in my NSFW style! 3/5 Warning : My drawings are not ok for someone due to my fetish ._. Examples : www.furaffinity.net: Toy Chica's secret service by Kierof www.furaffinity.net...
  20. Mettalic Fox

    Request: Some one draw or update my character

    Nuevamente dibujo arte peludo, pero busco a alguien para dibujar mucho mejor mi arte y uso de la inspiración de mi personaje. Por favor, alguien dibuje el mismo estilo de estilo grosero para mi arte. si lo pago, lo hago, pero es gratis también es bueno. Imágenes de mi personaje