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request art

  1. Mettalic Fox

    I need help for my Furry Art :c

    Hi, I'm new to drawing furrys, i never draw this before xD . But I just wanted to ask if someone could improve my drawing, adding a little more muscles but according to that proportion of the body, if they could fix their hands (which is what costs me the most xd) and be able to see more of what...
  2. Q


    I was wondering if anybody would be interested in drawing a male deersona? My own drawing skills are... lacking.
  3. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Draw My OC in Hazbin Style

    Okay so I'm currently obsess with the webseries Hazbin hotel and i wanna have my old OC converted to a demented but pleasant demon fox theif. I have old OCs for trade but this at its core is a REQUEST. If you don't know the art style you can google it but I will give examples of the art below...
  4. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Make Me a Dad

    Okay so for those who don't know my fursona is a Kodiak bear and I eventually wanna be a dad so I figured I'd give you guys my fursona and was wondering if a artist on here could turn my fursona into a young, hip, sexy dad. If the image doesn't Show here is a link to it a version will also be...
  5. A

    Taking request again

    Hopefully i will get a few or some ideas today to draw or well sketch. Please post your idea bellow or even DM me your idea. My brains blocked on ideas right now and it would be a big help. Thank you very much for your suggestions.
  6. Sapphire-Wolf

    Request: Seeking help for a couple drawing!

    Heya! As the title says, my fiancée and myself are searching for an artist who‘d be willing to give our fursonas a try in a couple drawing! We‘d be incredibly grateful for any type of drawing (as long as it’s SFW) ^^ We also don‘t have a specific pose or situation in mind, just a happy mood :3...
  7. peachyprayer

    Free Art: Doing few requests!

    Hiya! I'm trying to make examples for my commission thread and get practise. I'll take few requests if you have characters I like. You can throw me characters even if you're not sure if it fits the criteria. Currently I'm in mood for Pastel colours Kidcore Clowns Cutesy stuff Feral or anthro...
  8. Catuxys

    Trying some requests for free [CLOSED]

    Hi, I'm Catuxys, I'm new and I don't have anything to show! So, what I'm suggesting is to draw your character for free (anything you want, for a little amount of time), and I'll try to do something nice! I can do mostly anything, but I just don't want things to hardcore to draw (like hard...
  9. Ehidney

    Free Art: Wanna do some Requests [closed]

    Howdy, i'm newbie at Fur Affinity so i wanna do some requests...u know...for friendship and mAgIcK and other stuff. :pIt's okay to request NSFW:p :mad:but if it's so much kinky it's bruh:mad: Free art is cool, right? Right?
  10. kangabanga

    Free Art: Free commission samples! (Closed- all requests finished!)

    Hello! I am still fairly new to furaffinity and I’m looking to make some strong samples for my commission information to pretty it up! I figured what better way to show my art in practice than to do a few free samples to show it off and help get my portfolio looking good? Feel free to check out...
  11. Drawmander

    Free Art: I have found my keys and my requests are now CLOSED to the public. (Now posting art)

    (I know 5 openings is small, but I may add more as I finish them) Okay, so here we go. I am now open for requests! I’ll start with what I won’t do: NSFW (I’m around other people when I draw sometimes) Fetish art Your character without any reference image (I won’t be making an oc for you) What...
  12. Kierof

    Request: (CLOSED)(NSFW) Female Furry OC request!

    (CLOSED) Warning : My arts contain some weird fetish that I like. If you've willing to send your OCs here. I don't guarantee about your OC's aftermath! Hi, people! I'm interested at drawing NSFW furry arts! But I'm bored at my OC.... I need the inspiration of drawing NSFW art by your OCs...
  13. kart0ffel1

    Free Art: Give me folks to draw! (Closed)

    Hey there! I just want to loosen up and draw a bit. I’ve been drawing/painting for years but have always wanted to break into drawing more anthro characters but...I don’t know who to draw but want to get some practice in lmaooo So throw me some folks and let’s see what happens! These will more...
  14. Cotton_Candy

    Free Art: Looking for requests

    I'm new in both fur affinity and its forums (I'm actually fairly new to forums and the such) and I'd love to get some request to both practice and fill my gallery. :p Thanks to any and everyone that's interested. ^w^.
  15. F.lee_art

    Free Art: Requests anyone?

    I'll pick like 2-3 people to do some practice requests for, I'd like to have more examples of furry artwork specifically to show for commissions. :)
  16. breakfastzone

    Request: I'd love to see my OCs!

    So, I've recently been drawing all of my OCs, and I'm really interested in seeing them in other people's styles rather than just my own! No pressure, just figured I'd put their refs out here and see if anyone was interested in doodling them. :) @fawnlynx is my twitter handle. Serenity...
  17. bluezcherry

    sketchy painting requests!

    I'm looking for inspiration/practice, so if you want to send me a ref sheet and maybe a sentence request, i could do some sketchy painting of that character! i wouldn't mind doing multiple characters, but it would be less detailed, probably. something like this gal, but with less rendered lines...
  18. RazorTheFox

    Request: Looking for a new icon

    Yo bois Im kinda looking for a new icon for one of my sona's and I appreciate it if you would draw one of them a icon or draw pine one ^^ www.furaffinity.net: Razor's Ref sheet by RazorTheFox www.furaffinity.net: Pine Protogen Ref by RazorTheFox
  19. restinglichface

    Free Art: Taking 3 Requests

    Hello! I want to practice digital art and add some stuff to my gallery, which is really scarce right now, so I’m going to take 3 requests. I might open up more slots later, but for now it’s just three. I’m not going to go off of first come first serve, and will more likely choose to draw...
  20. fluffered.fa

    Free Art: I wanna build my repetoire!

    Hi! I'm fluffered on FA! If you'd like to me to draw your sona/OC, send me a link to a ref! If you are open to/would like an NSFW piece, please indicate that! Feel free to post the link here or send me a note on FA. I reserve the right to not do every person who requests if I receive a lot of...