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  1. T

    Request: Looking for a piece of art.

    I am looking for a piece of art that was on Furaffinity. The piece has to be older than october 2015 and the piece had a large muscular horse with a person stuck between the large pecks. One of the terms used on the posting was cowboy milking.
  2. Just_A_Tundra

    Requesting some Critique and Information

    Hello, all, Tundra here. I have been doing art for almost my whole entire life. I have drawn on regular paper, then on school things like tests and assignments, and have been improving...somewhat. A Lot of people look at my art and tell me I am a great artist, or "Ever think of selling your...
  3. V

    Critique: Erotic Ode Critique Desired

    Ode: My Fuchsia Phallus Obviously, this is a NSFW ode dedicated to a certain area of myself, containing adult themes and language unsuitable to younger audiences. Any general critiques are requested, as this is my first real upload to FA. Any feedback is appreciated...
  4. HerrForehead

    Request: Anyone wanna try their hand at my elephant girl? :)

    Hey all, I got this character drawn a while ago and sort of kinda spent all my commission money on it. So for the time being, I'd love to see if anyone would be willing to take up a request of this character! Anything is appreciated! NSFW is okay, too! :) The reference is here: Here's the...
  5. sin_bio_wolf

    Request: Bit of an obscure request

    I have a character that's a demoness dragon and for the longest time have wanted to get something that would make her unique fire cannon art-wise. She has a black flame they can freely manipulate that works fairly different to other fire, instead of emitting heat it draws it in like a black hole...
  6. Strange_Aeonx

    Sketch Request

    I need an idea on how my new fursona would look but sadly I just can't flip the head angles properly, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sketch up a quick full body of my fursona from my species? All information is contained in my Sta.sh folder on DeviantArt HERE. Thank you so...
  7. Satsuki15

    Request: I want a prosthetic left arm

    I think my sona would be cooler with a prosthetic left arm, but the last time I drew something mechanical it malfunctioned Dm me if you do it please! It just goes to his elbow, though, so maybe have his sleeve ripped off or something? Idk :1
  8. DinoLover4242

    Request: I'm looking for someone to turn my OC, Dylan, into Alastor The Radio Demon (Hazbin Hotel)

    I'm looking for someone to turn my OC, Dylan, into Alastor the Radio Demon (Hazbin Hotel) . If anyone is willing to make the comic/sequence/story of my OC transforming into Alastor, please let me know in the comments! ^_^
  9. Satsuki15

    REQUEST: will someone draw violence?

    ,I want my fursona to be punching a short rat character
  10. Satsuki15

    Request: birthday (please free?)

    My birthday’s next month on the 11th and I’d really like it if someone would do art for it Imma be blunt: I want a drawing of him in his birthday suit Dm me please if you end up doing it, I’d really appreciate it, thank you!
  11. D

    Secondlife Wolverine Avatar

    Hey everyone, I have been searching for years in vain to find a good full avatar of a furry wolverine, the animal not the X-Man character for Secondlife. If anyone knows of one that already exists or can make this avatar a reality, please reply here or email me I would be very grateful to...
  12. tamara590

    Request: Anyone willing to draw a nightfury?

    Got a very sweet boy who needs some art His name is Percy and he's the most cuddly and friendly boy there is^^
  13. tamara590

    Request: Got some new dragons

    Hey there, I made some HTTYD dragon sona's and id love to see them in others artstyles, Ofc you dont have to draw them all, Just choose who you like best^^ Im fine with both SFW and NSFW, If NSFW DM me so we can discuss details. And here's my dergs: Percy {Nightfury}...
  14. sin_bio_wolf

    Request: I have two NSFW ideas if any artists would like to take a crack

    If this is not allowed, sorry and feel free to remove Not sure how much if any detail I can go into here as this is a SFW platform but one idea is a gift for a friend and the other is something the artist could likely use to make some off of after coz simps for strong ladies. Both ideas...
  15. L

    We Need A Help From A Willing Request Artists For Our Project

    Hello and great day, anthro artists. While I'm not an anthro myself, I wanted a request in where anthro artists create anthro characters design for my comicbook. It's a fantasy, supernatural, and horror comic about a human protagonist and male beastmen as her love interests. I apologize if this...
  16. sin_bio_wolf

    Anyone feel like drawing large dominant woman?

    Just putting this out there, I have two large and very dominant females (Intersex) I'd love to get more art of so if any artists are bored, just want a challenge or to experiment these two are available. https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/sinbiowolf/folder/82576/Adriana...
  17. puppycorn

    Adoptable Requests (open)

    Have an idea you'd like to see turned into an adoptable? Look no further! Post your idea below, whether it be a theme, moodboard, emoji set, or color scheme, and we might turn it into a character design on our FA! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pechaberry/ Prices will range from $10-$75! We...
  18. Azgalia

    Request: Alien Slug Female

    Hello, I have newly gave up on my old OC and about to get into a new one that would be an alien slug female. I have no art to get started nor even have a profile picture so I am just taking a chance here to see if some generous artistic soul could help me out for a new beginning that will...
  19. CoyoteMoment1971

    Cabaret Fur Le Dance

    Idk if this is the right board to post this. But recently I've been looking for fur-le-dance content. Be it photos or videos, if they were ever made public or if cameras were even allowed.
  20. A

    (Commission) Selling: (NSFW and SFW) will draw anything for € !! (i think i'm not expensive but we can discuss the price !!)

    Hi everyone !! I'm Kuro :) I mostly draw realistic digital drawings, but i adapt to every style and art. I recently discovered furry world, so i don't have a lot of samples, but i adapt to any specy, any gender, any request :) I've never sold on Furaffinity and i don't know how it works here but...