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  1. DrPepperAddict

    art trades (or request if you feel like doing a freebie)

    So, I'm a little inconsistent with my art style, but its generally on the same line atleast... heres my FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/commissionartist/ I'm willing to draw almost anything, the only exclusions are: rape/non-con pedophilia diaper/inflation/vore fetishes [mostly for...
  2. JulesDaWolf

    Request: Sketch of my OCs together, anyone?

    Left to Right: Russell (Bear), Trip (Fox), Amber (Rabbit), Maggie (Lamb), and Kara (Squirrel) Would anyone be willing to do a sketch of all 5 of them posing together? I would take care of the lining, coloring and shading, I just need a sketch in order to do it. I would put the final product on...
  3. P

    Free Commissions (to build portfolio)

    Hey guys! I’m very, very new to all this and have no idea what I’m doing. But I do art a lot and want to eventually make money doing it, and I’m pretty sure it’s a well known thing that furry art is where the money is. I like drawing animals and anthro creatures in general already so I want to...
  4. C

    Does anyone have suggestions for cute, lightly sexual books/comics/etc with half-dragon women? [details in post]

    Hi. So, I just made this account and a related one on FA itself. I admit a healthy amount of trepidation. I worry about whether others would find this (I feel like that is unlikely, I took precautions, but that only does so much to mollify me). I am, frankly, embarrassed by my desire for what I...
  5. V

    [Complete] Looking for (NSFW) commission!

    Hiya! I am looking for someone who would be willing to draw a new sona of mine. It will be relatively simple, and I haven't decided if it should be a ref sheet or just a solo, but we can discuss that when someone... actually responds! <WARNING!> This will be an NSFW commission, involving a...
  6. Chomby

    Request: Anyone bored and feel like drawing a colorful monster?

    Hello! It's been a while since I made a request thread. o3o I'm just gonna put this up and see what happens. If you make art of them, I'll be extremely grateful and I'll keep it always, like I do with all art I get! This is Prisma. He's a colorful dude I just adopted today. You know when you...
  7. kimisu

    [Closed] Kimisu's requests

    I draw characters of any species. (They will be headshot / halfbody) If you wish, show me a character that you would like me to draw. ^^ + personality (I do not make requests in order of arrival. Maybe draw thread # 10 and then # 1 (?) So don't lose hope, if I skip your character.) Sample...
  8. Ambriel

    Free Art: FREE Chibi art request raffle on Twitter + DeviantArt!

    Join both raffles, and get two chances to win! Here's the twitter link! Here's the dA link! https://www.deviantart.com/therabbitfollower/journal/Free-Chibi-Request-Raffle-862557626 And here are some examples of my past chibis!
  9. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Dragoness Bard Sona!

    Hello everyone!! I recently made a dragoness bard that ended up turning into a sona!! If anyone would like to draw her, I have a reference image for her face (Art was done by a friend, big bOye#3328), and her description! Both will be posted below! Vera is a female dragon that's 5'4 in height...
  10. MathTheFolf

    Request: Anyone interested in drawing a folf or a berner?

    Hi everyone! I've been in the community for about a year and I only now learn of the existance of this amazing forum. I have recently reworked my two main OCs and I was wondering if anyone would be inspired to draw them? They are Math the Folf (my fursona) and Juline the Bernese Moutain Dog...
  11. Azelforest

    Free Art: Bordered Bust Icon Request [CLOSED]

    Hey! I wanted to practice drawing some anthro's / feral's so I can use them commercially in advertising more feral / anthro' friendly commissions! So if you have a character of yours you'd like to be drawn in my style then hit me up! Just make sure to follow these rules when commenting; - This...
  12. malmichschwarz


    need some furry art to fill my page with & also wanna practice so i am taking free requests, any species and any gender, both SFW and NSFW, from headshot to fullbody (depends on idea) and flat or simple background. artstyle examples below but imagine they have animal head and more fur please...
  13. dahbastard

    Taking Requests for OCs if you appreciate my art.

    I know I already posted one thread on this, but, I would like to post another, because I was kind of hurt by the result. When I posted before, I provided samples of my art, and a direct link to my gallery. Only one person said, or indicated, something nice about my stuff, and that was...
  14. dove123123123

    Request: Draw a penguin like Sweeney Todd

    Hello FA Fourms. I love the musical Sweeney Todd. I would love to see what the penguin would look like dressed up as Sweeney Todd. You can remove his hat and give him the hair along with the razor. Here is a picture of Sweeney: My FA (NSFW Warning)...
  15. dahbastard

    Taking requests for OCs

    Hi. I would like some inspiration/practice, so I am taking requests for interesting OCs. I can’t guarantee that I will take your request, and it will most likely be a sketch, or flat color. Please give me a visual description of your OC and describe their background/personality. If you would...
  16. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Collab request

    Heya I am searching collab commission where the artist can do linearts and me colors and shadows. I am planning take a kung fu panda style art draw. For few of my ocs. I have 3 ocs where I need to developp a part of my lore. Here are lore parts I did: - Radratacen - Forenborg - Zopror - Pun...
  17. Ashwolves5

    Free Art: Annual Halloween Free Art Monster Requests

    Hosting my annual Halloween Requests over on the main site. The art will be your character as a monster/creature, submit a comment on my journal to join. https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9650433/
  18. corpsdoll

    Request: Please just a crumb of art uwu

    Heya! So glad the forums are back ;w; While the site was down, I managed to completely redesign my sona...which means I really would appreciate some art of her ;w; her toyhou.se: https://toyhou.se/8222011.maeve She does have a heart piercing in each ear, and a brown heart on both cheeks. The...
  19. DariusTheLoony

    Request: Anyone taking request?

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to see if any of you are willing to draw my character Darius Nack. I understand if you are busy or have other things to do but I'm just asking in general. Here is Darius: And here is his info: docs.google.com: Toon Darius
  20. corpsdoll

    Request: A lil request pls,,, ;w;

    hihi so uh I recently made a pocket imp! (I thank furryfilth everyday for allowing me to purchase the base AND for creating such cute lil creatures) and I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to draw her? ;w; She doesn't have much art, and I'd love to see her in different styles...