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requesting art

  1. RazorTheFox

    Who wants to draw my new sona?

    Sup guys, I traded a new sona for my sona and if you dont mind drawing my new sona here he is You can draw him wearing a red plaid shirt with a black shirt or whatever you want to draw with it
  2. RazorTheFox

    Can someone draw me sum art? :3

    Since i cant pay for art Some good art would be appreciated ^^ www.furaffinity.net: Razor's Ref sheet by RazorTheFox
  3. L

    Looking to commission an artist

    Hello- I'm new here and looking for someone to draw up an anime-style yaoi couple (romantic couple, not a NSFW situation). The image in my mind is two anime men in their 20s, but with animal ears and tails. I am able to write a full description of the art and provide concept images to make...
  4. E

    Looking for Lineart

    Hello all, I'm a relatively new person and I'm still working on fleshing out the look of my fursona. However, being a non-artist, this is easier said than done. I've found myself using mostly dressup games that are quite limited in their colors, markings, and just overall options. Since a...
  5. N

    Commission Request

    Hello, I am not good at drawing and I am looking for someone to do a commision for me, and I am willing to pay up to 100 USD (maybe more depending upon what might be required) for multiple drawings, half being NSFW the others SFW... Details: Drawing Details: I want the photo to contain a Wolf...
  6. Xing Tian

    Help in the creation of my hybrid

    hello anyone reading, I would really like some help of a good artist to try and draw my hybrid crab/octopus femboy oc from a description, sadly I do not have any money to give you but if you would like I could art trade for a drawing of him, or for free if you give me that luxury :) well if you...
  7. Raven-Foxx

    Fursona Ref?

    Is it possible that someone can make a better reference for my character? Mine kinda suck. Headshot ravenhoof.deviantart.com: Raven Foxx Outfit ravenhoof.deviantart.com: Suit 'n Tie
  8. R

    Dunkleosteus Flash Game?

    Hi, my name is ROWANwalker32, and I have a couple questions to ask. First of all, does anyone here do requests, particularly with Flash? If you do, feel free to reply. To begin, I have a request for a flash game, as I have a friend who is really into Dunkleosteus (the 30-foot long fish from...
  9. K

    Can Anyone Do This Request?

    I was wondering if anyone could draw Steven and Peridot, from Steven Universe, as one of those Amalgamates from Undertale?
  10. BSting

    For any and all artists looking to do free art

    I'm always interested in seeing artist's interpretations of an off fetish I have. The fetish in question is bees stinging furs in the butt. It can either be male or female, any position, and any scenario with any character. If you want to practice with such a unique idea, let me know what you...
  11. Arck

    Art request (free)

    Hi, im Arck and im looking for an artist who will make a first artwork of my fursona (nothing special, just to see how it looks and maybe change something) This is a description He is a fox-huskie male (body of a fox with huskie tail). His torso is blue with white stomach. He has one horizontal...
  12. A

    Hello, new here!

    Wasn't sure if this was the right place to post or not, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong area! I was hoping for someone to be able to help me out and illustrate my fursona. If you're interested please contact me. And if this isn't the place to post about this, please point me in the right...
  13. ziggsx

    Hello! i have a furry picture request

    hello everyone, i am new to the community, so i have a few things to learn :) but the reason i am posting this is i am very interested in having someone draw a character from a game i like to play. i also want it to be NSFW so i would like someone experienced in that kind of artwork Thanks...
  14. The Llamakiin

    Anyone able to draw a fursona without reference?

    Hey! So, I'm like, just now getting into the whole furry fandom. And my issue is, I can't draw anything other than My Little Pony characters. It would reeeally help me out if anyone would be willing to try and sketch out what I kind of have planned for a fursona! I can't really draw yours in...
  15. StrawberryCake

    I want to draw for you ^.^

    Hello :D I want to practice my digital skills and want to try out the furry world. (i'm new) So please send me request, maybe with a picture for reference. I would love to hear feedback.. ^.^ Greetzz Ps: i'm a little nervous hihi
  16. B

    Looking to have my OC drawn!

    www.furaffinity.net: Jayarne The Orbeseian by Blazikendude
  17. RinkuTheRuffian

    Broke idiot looking for an avatar

    Hey! I'm feeling a little guilty using someone elses art and fursona as my avatar, just wondering if someone can whip me up a quick bust of my fursona that I can use as an avatar. I'm broke, but I'm not expecting a masterpiece, just at least moderate skill. I'll describe him once I know...
  18. Sightless-Bird

    Looking For Art

    So I want art of this character of mine. I want her to look mature instead of a loli because she's suppose to be an attractive woman with an attractive body, big boobs and is pretty tall (5'9") So show me your styles. I got 40 to spend! You get bonus points if you can draw a giant cross she has...
  19. T

    Anybody able to draw a super-new fur?

    hi I am very very new to the fandom, only found out what a furry is in 2016 and I'm in love!! I can't draw to save my life so I was wondering if there were any nice furs out there willing to help me bring my Fursona to life please? Here is Trojan, he is a GSD X Labrador X mastiff, he is meant...
  20. Joseph1R2P3

    Something personal

    I was going to get a commission.... But a recent tragedy left me needing to spend those funds and have other priorities. But I still really want a piece done. So it someone want to be a kind soul and do it for free, I want a piece of my sona that is split... One side showing the strong, smiling...