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requests accepted here

  1. MysticMerle

    Free Art: NSFW animation requests open

    I'm looking to improve my animation before taking on a big project. I want to have a few smaller animations under my belt before doing something bigger. So, drop your characters and ideas below! You can be as specific or vague as you want. I only do frame-by-frame animations. No characters or...
  2. MysticMerle

    Free Art: NSFW requests open!

    Hey guys, I'm a digital artist previously known as NuskaLion, from here on I will be known as MysticMerle or just Merle. I will have a new FA account and will be moving as soon as registration opens again (really picked the wrong time for a fursona change, huh...) To kick things off, as I always...
  3. foolsgoldie

    Free Art: requests for art practice :]

    hiya! i just got back into art after a good two years of only occasionally sketching, and i want to start practicing drawing furries; only problem being i don’t have any ocs yet! so— please link the character and important details if you want! i won’t do anything nsfw or suggestive (i’m a...
  4. dahbastard

    Taking requests for OCs

    Hi. I would like some inspiration/practice, so I am taking requests for interesting OCs. I can’t guarantee that I will take your request, and it will most likely be a sketch, or flat color. Please give me a visual description of your OC and describe their background/personality. If you would...
  5. DaVinity

    Taking all Requests

    I'm looking to add more content to my gallery, and practice different characters! So please post references of your character below and I will get started on these when I'm able to and post them!
  6. wonke0

    Free Art: Taking requests!

    I'm new here and need stuff to fill my portfolio so please send me your ocs Closing to 5 requests for now I accept any kind of stuff (including NSFW/gore if you're 18+)
  7. ditta_ragdoll

    Taking requests of All kinds|| sfw &nsfw || Quid Pro Quo || slots depend on my AP

    I got a four day weekend for once! Thank the lords, praise be etc! To honor the occasion I'd like to take some requests! As ever since it's requests and free I'm not gonna go HAM unless the muse moves me! I mean there is one way to make sure, but that entails hiring me, and this isn't the...