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requests (taking)

  1. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Feral Requests

    Please note: If I have already drawn art of your character, please let others have a chance to be picked. I will occasionally do requests again in the future. My commissions will open soon. Please follow me on FA if you want updates. ^_^ Thank you! This time I'd like to draw feral characters: -...
  2. TheRabbitFollower

    Free Art: Drawing Requests: OPEN - Read rules! [ENDS MAY 28TH]

    Doing some drawing to practice facial expressions!! ✧ Watch me: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ambriel ✧Comment w/ a character you want me to draw and a ref for them; They can be human, furry, feral, w/e you want, but be sure to include an expression and a palette from below ✧Event ends...
  3. foolsgoldie

    Free Art: requests for art practice :]

    hiya! i just got back into art after a good two years of only occasionally sketching, and i want to start practicing drawing furries; only problem being i don’t have any ocs yet! so— please link the character and important details if you want! i won’t do anything nsfw or suggestive (i’m a...
  4. OtakoWerewolf

    Free Art: Drop some refs!

    Drop some refs, I'm gonna draw them whenever I'm bored! SFW or NSFW (please specify). I'll make sure to notify you if I end up drawing your character. Since free art threads tend to blow up I probably won't be able to draw everyone, but I'll do my best! Here's my art for some examples...
  5. gabesaporta

    Free Art: Taking requests!

    So uh i dont have enough new furry art for a price sheet so im taking requests! any species, when and if i put your oc in the price sheet ill credit you as an owner :3 so yeah and please follow me on FA if you request. that would be nice
  6. GinnyMaple

    Free Art: Requests open!

    Sooo I'm new and I need some furry practise! Drop your requests below :B Examples of my work found here , please note that I'm not open for animation requests, those take too much time and are commission based only. :) I'm mostly looking to do some basic poses or portrait sketches, but might go...
  7. DaVinity

    Free Art: Free Requests!!!

    Hiya All! I am doing free art for the whole month of November. I am doing an art challenge on my Instagram @Davinity.Art where each free request is a prompt of the day, if anyone is interested in that! I also need to do various free requests to fill up examples in my commission pricing, sooo...
  8. dahbastard

    Taking requests for OCs

    Hi. I would like some inspiration/practice, so I am taking requests for interesting OCs. I can’t guarantee that I will take your request, and it will most likely be a sketch, or flat color. Please give me a visual description of your OC and describe their background/personality. If you would...
  9. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Random Request Doodles (SFW)

    Need practice. Would like to draw unique characters. Will randomly select people in no particular order. Some might be chibis, headshots, sketches, or inked lineart. Link your refs away!
  10. EN1GMAT1C

    Free Art: Taking Character Busts!!

    HEY KIDS, what is UP!! I'm taking drawing requests, will be drawing busts of peeps characters. I need updated commission examples to use for later, If you are ok with your character being displayed as such then welcome! I'm EN1GMAT1C on FA, and my sites are at enigmatic-art.com if you're curious...
  11. DreyaCira

    Free Art: Offering 3 holiday themed requests Complete

    Finished my holiday requests, thanks to everyone who let me draw their characters, it was fun! 1. Belladonna_Mandrake - Complete 2. Deathless - Complete 3. Bluefiremark II - Complete These will take me a few days to complete. Here's a ref of Dreya who will be included in each picture:
  12. MercifulHope

    Free Art: Taking Free Requests! (sfw and light nsfw)

    I've practiced with humans and ferals, but only have a bit of practice drawing anthros and that's just not right! So for the practice (and to break out of my comfort zone) I'm looking for some characters to play around with! Comment with character reference (s) and if you have something...
  13. getsukae

    Free Art: taking a few requests !![CLOSED]

    hello !! ヽ(・∀・) i’m getsu ! i only just recently started drawing anthros and wanted to try drawing some that aren’t my own ! here’s some of my own ocs for reference(or just go to my FA heheh) my FA is https://www.furaffinity.net/user/getsukae/ ! please note that i’ll be posting the finished...
  14. DaVinity

    Taking all Requests

    I'm looking to add more content to my gallery, and practice different characters! So please post references of your character below and I will get started on these when I'm able to and post them!
  15. HazelCat

    Short gif requests

    I'm taking requests for short animations if you'd like one of your sona (or any character for that matter) If you have any questions, please ask.
  16. kevintheradioguy

    Free Art: Spots for background characters [spots filled, thank you]

    I am sketching an art piece, and I need lots of background characters, so if you want yours to be featured, leave them down below. Stuff to remember: Pretty much looking for mammals. Any gender you like. I am very much pro-natural characters. I'll avoid any blue dogs, green rabbits, spotted...
  17. Nekomayata

    Free Art: Taking five requests! [CLOSED]

    This thread is closed!! Thanks so much guys for your submissions. ; v ; (Please let me know if you're okay with the finished products being uploaded to my FA page! I will credit you and DM you when finished.) Hi guys! The time for me to train my drawing skills once again. As a result, I'm...
  18. MinamiMikan

    Free Art: Open requests! (close)

    Hi! I need requests from you to fill my portfolio, so please send me your fur с: Preferably dragons (love them), but I would be glad if you will throw other species Not draw 18+ I will take about 5 slots If you are interested in my skill: Userpage of MinamiMikan -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Sorry...
  19. wonke0

    Free Art: Taking requests!

    I'm new here and need stuff to fill my portfolio so please send me your ocs Closing to 5 requests for now I accept any kind of stuff (including NSFW/gore if you're 18+)
  20. salty_cryptid

    free art requests y'all

    Trying to figure how to draw anything that isn't humanoid, send me what you've got folks. Might do sketches, might do full color, might do headshots or full body, it's really up for grabs. Also, there's no guarantee that I will be drawing your character if you do link it in this thread, just to...