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    Free Art: [Closed] Looking To Draw Some Fluffy Friends

    Hello! I'm looking for some fluffy friends to draw as practice! Feel free to drop your characters below and any prompts that you might be interested in and I'll see what I can do! I can't guarantee anything detailed, though. I'm most interested in drawing feminine characters at the moment, but...
  2. TheRabbitFollower

    Free Art: Drawing Requests: OPEN - Read rules! [ENDS MAY 28TH]

    Doing some drawing to practice facial expressions!! ✧ Watch me: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ambriel ✧Comment w/ a character you want me to draw and a ref for them; They can be human, furry, feral, w/e you want, but be sure to include an expression and a palette from below ✧Event ends...
  3. RollerRobert

    Free Art: I'll draw NSFW my boy with your boy/s (insert eyes emoji here)

    first things first: no minors! I'm an adult and I do not consent to minors on this thread. second: wdym I stole this from Ringebell haha no I did not <3 (/s) I'm looking to practice different kinks and just have some fun! no guarantees as always I wanna draw my boy Hope (NSFW ref) (little...
  4. mistressuwu

    Free Art: Taking requests (Closed until current slots are finished)

    Two rules: 1. You MUST be 18 years or older. Period. Do not interact with me if under 18. 2. You agree to let me show off finished pieces in my gallery :p Just about anything goes, but I reserve the right to deny things that I just don't feel like doing. 3 slots open. I'm a fast worker...
  5. Sugarygulp

    Free Art: (CLOSED) Taking NSFW posing requests

    18+ only I'm a nsfw artist, and I'd like to get more anatomical practice drawing sex positions/yiff. Send me a ref of your character and the pose but I will probably pick and choose.
  6. RangerReb

    Offering cheap fursona commissions! ($10-$30)

    Hello my dudes! I'm offering what I would consider to be relatively inexpensive commissions to try to get some exposure. I have three packages to choose from, the basic starting at $10, the standard starting at $15, and the premium being $30. All prices are negotiable if you have good reasoning...
  7. Liseran Thistle

    Why I'll never do free art requests every again

    I'm gonna be blunt and say I hate having to try and market myself to furries here because no one here wants to actually buy my artwork. It feels like if I open for free requests I get tons of people asking me for free artwork, but do those same people ever think about getting a commission...
  8. Liseran Thistle

    Free Art: Advertising my art~!

    Hello, I am trying to sell commissions, but I get the feeling a lot of people have not actually had first hand experience when working with me, so I made this thread to take people's requests! I will draw your fursona's and OCs for free for an entire week, starting today. So if you have a...
  9. DizzyDame

    I'll Draw Your Sona

    This is to practice styles. I usually draw animals and monsters, so I want more Furry practice. Even now when drawing them I tend to draw them slightly more animalistic and less cartoony/anime (though I'm trying to learn the style). This will be a sketch and uncolored. I don't believe in...
  10. WinterFrostLyfe

    Free Art: Show me your character and Ill sketch em'

    Hi all, Thanks for the welcome to your awesome community. About me: Pretty chill, draws a lot and looking to expand. I usually do horse portrait commissions so I have a pretty good understanding of animal anatomy (Dont worry, Ive studied other types of animals and not just horses. Lol) Im...
  11. CharTem

    Request: Wondering if anyone wants to draw my dragon

    Hello! I'm new to the community and just got a ref sheet for my fursona today, so I was wondering if anyone would like to draw some art for him. I've recently fallen onto some hard times so any art would be appreciated Here's his ref if anyone is interested: www.furaffinity.net: My Boy Quantum...
  12. VochaArt

    Request: Looking for Requests, Filling Wall With Art

    I think I'm finally getting a single dorm next year so I want to furrify it! (furrify?) I'm looking for art of my OCs, anything from memes and sketches to colored pieces. I would greatly appreciate any donations to the Great Wall of Art and I'll be sure to post progress pictures :D List of...
  13. frannyboy

    Free Art: Taking bust requests! (2 slots remaining!)

    So I took a break because I wanted to try out a new art style and I got this! So to practice, I'm gonna open 6 slots (one which is already reserved for @Cosmic Kosmo, please let me know if this style is ok!!) 1. @Cosmic Kosmo 2. @julievee I love her I'm totally drawing her <3 3. @FluffahRex <3...
  14. SweetSlugSlimeFA

    Taking Free Requests For the Next 4 Hours

    I'm looking for some quick request ideas, OCs, etc, to build a foundation of new furry art. I'm new to this community, but I'm an experienced artists. I'll be open to any requests for OCs or fanart for the next four hours PST (until midnight). If I don't fill in your request it's either you...
  15. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Random Request Doodles (SFW)

    Need practice. Would like to draw unique characters. Will randomly select people in no particular order. Some might be chibis, headshots, sketches, or inked lineart. Link your refs away!
  16. grovestep

    Literature Requests

    Hey guys! I’m taking some literature requests. I’m looking to bulk up my portfolio on furry material before I open commissions later in the month. My only stipulation is that the characters involved are furries! I can do NSFW material, they can be discussed in DMs after you comment expressing...
  17. Vina the Bat

    Request: Taking fetish requests

    I love fetishes. I, myself, am a kinky person. And I like putting that into art! I haven't made free art in a long time but I decided I'll give it a go. Just comment a ref and an idea in the comments and I'll pick who's ideas I like most. My favorites are fat, vore, bellies in general, big...
  18. mukuroikusabas98

    Free Art: open for specific requests! NSFW

    Recently I've been writing a lot of kink stuff and I don't feel like stopping, however I do wanna kind of try something different? Basically I'm into pregnancy/labor/birth so. Anything with that, I'll think about doing. I'm really into Danganronpa at the moment so if you have a request with that...
  19. HeartAngel

    Taking some requests!

    Hi there! I'd like to get some experience under my belt so that I can take on commissions. I'll be doing a couple requests, any species is ok! SFW and full color references preferred! Anthro and feral are both ok! Trades are also welcome! Edit: I've started doing a few, I may take a little...
  20. CelestialblueShark

    Free Art: free 5 requests (closed)

    I know I still have two more to do! And I haven't forgotten you guys! But I'll explain why I am opening them again. I am going to my mother's house today...and I won't have internet :D! That's basically it! Since I wasn't this specific last time I am going to be now -Request info- -I will...