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  1. B

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 5 Characters Are Up For USD Offers

    UPDATE: I'm happy to announce that the car has been fixed! I took on many commissions on the side which generated enough money to hire a reliable backyard mechanic. These characters are still for sale! I'm kind of in a bind. My mom's car has broke down and neither I nor her have money to fix...
  2. Zmora

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Emergency selling of quality characters

    Hello I want to sell few of my characters as I dont use them and its a shame for them to catch a dust. And I need money as well for bills as this month is thight. Link here do see them - > https://toyhou.se/Maelss/characters/folder:2348044 Prices are in their profiles and reflect exact amount I...
  3. suyazu

    Feral / Anthro Purge

    Hihi I’m looking to sell a few feral and anthro characters!! I haven’t been really able to connect with any of them so figured I’d see if anyone here was interested! Definitely open to haggling! Toyhouse Page Here are some highlights:
  4. B

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Willing to haggle on ALL PRICES

    I need funds for something and I've realized that I just have waaaay too many characters. These are 10 I can part with. lol I only accept PayPal. All have proof of ownership except the xenomorph. I got it as a custom from someone a long time ago on Discord. You'll just have to take my word for...
  5. hyejoos

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: HIGH QUALITY Character Purge!

    Please comment or message me if interested! Designed by Strideeri. Worth around $300 and something dollars, selling for $100 or less, comes with more art here. Designed by ljiesak, selling for $25-30, more art here. Designed by rekurii, selling for $20-40, more art here. More can be...
  6. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Purge ! OPEN - $5-$130

    Purging adopts , OLD FURSONAS AND Characters, All HQ Designs LARGE OC/DEISGNS/ADOPTS SALE. GIVE ME YOUR OFFERS! NOT ON BASES! OFFER AWAY. I'm only reselling designs for the amount I purchased them for with added art in mind, or cheaper. And I can do a payment plan but you wont be able to use...
  7. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Old Fursona Wolf Resale With 15 HQ Arts Price $70

    Selling for only $70 Comes with 15 HQ art! link to some more art here For Sale $70 on Toyhouse Am selling because I am leaving and saving for a car. Selling most of my adopts which you can check out here www.furaffinity.net: (Leaving) Character Purge ! OPEN - NEED GONE ASPA by ThyBlackReaper...