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  1. TyraWadman

    Resin Newbie

    Would the correct term be epoxy resin, or resin? Is there a difference? Early pandemic I bought a 3D pen and was looking into making some resin art with it. But I know nothing about it, or what some of the basic tools I will need. Any and all advice is appreciated! A lot of the websites that...
  2. Orcashia

    videos on YT on how I make my sculptures

    Furry and non-furry videos. Videos of nature and newer videos of how I created my sculptures of non and non-furry creations. I actually joined YT in 2011 and uploaded 7 videos. One was from my best friend about electronics, he is a 'genius' at creating things electronically. The other videos...
  3. SwampPossum

    WTT Feline Resin Blank w/ acrlyic eyes

    Hello! I'm wanting to tradey resin blank for a custom foam or balaclava base. Looking for either a possum (preferably) or a rabbit. Info and pics can be seen here on my Instagram- Thank you and cheers~
  4. Tizri777

    Alternative for Eyelids and lips

    Hello, I am a first time fursuit maker, looking to make my own suit and i have run into a few small snags. Mainly being able to afford apoxie sculpt for the eyelids and lips. I am making a semi toony head from a resin base. I was wondering if there are other things i can use that wont cost me...
  5. sanssoucistudios

    Moving jaw test

    www.sanssoucistudios.com: resin head moving jaw test Posted a short little blurb on my blog showing the moving jaw on my resin head (sculpted, molded and cast by myself, yay!) as modelled by my poor long suffering husband. I'm kinda pleased with how it's coming out. :-) Thanks for looking!
  6. sanssoucistudios

    My second head build

    New blog post chronicling my continuing adventures with my sophomore head build here. I'm excited to be using my own resin head, one I sculpted, molded and cast myself, though it took a lot of fiddling to get it to work with DVC parts (nose, teeth, etc.) Someday I'd very much like to sculpt my...
  7. sanssoucistudios

    Casting resin eyes: materials recommendations?

    Wrote a blog post about my misadventures casting resin eyes, sharing my mistakes so that others might learn from them. Also sharing the crazy family photos we took with the reject eyes afterwards. www.sanssoucistudios.com: Casting blank resin eyes for fursuit heads, or trying anyway I used...