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  1. Dear_Ruby

    how to upload a high quality profile pic

    I can only upload pics that are 100x100 pixels and you can hardly see anything. I see other users with higher quality pictures and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure this out. thanks
  2. ReeseCapeesh

    Art I upload is bigger than screen when fullsize :/

    so yeah... a lot of my stuff i upload, i want it to stay high quality when i look at it on the site, but not completely blown up! How can i shrink its viewing size, yet not shrink the actual image where i lose quality?? The thumbnail is tiny, but the "full size" is GIGANTIC!! why..??
  3. Sultz Z. Wolf

    New Year's Resolution commission

    I am looking for an artist that can do a New Year's Resolution pic that is exactly like the ones seen here, same art style, typeface for the words, everything: www.furaffinity.net: DJ's Resolution by jonas www.furaffinity.net: Stoker's Resolution by jonas www.furaffinity.net: Darsen's...