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  1. Miles Marsalis

    I'm Doing A Let's Read Series On The Forum.

    So as part of my general New Year's Resolution of becoming a famous literary critic who will be the furry tastemaker writing more, I'm doing a Let's Read series here on the forum. I'll be reviewing novels, novellas, short stories, graphic novels, comic strips, and webcomics. It will mainly focus...
  2. O

    Other Furry Sites (oof)

    I've never really liked the formatting of the FurAffinity site, so I went on a quest to discover new furry-integrated sites. The ones I discovered I've rated based on user-friendliness, looks, site activity, and overall member friendliness. I've also included some important info. Give me your...
  3. Prostapheresys

    Hc Svnt Dracones (tabletop RPG): personal reviews?

    Good day! I recently came to know the very interesting game of Hc Svnt Dracones and its lore, setting and mechanics after buying the base manual as well as the Core: Extended manual. Unfortunately I still haven't found the chance to play it (me and my friends also playing D&D, Pathfinder and...
  4. Reserved_Krolik

    Playing Pier Solar on Steam

    So. I really like the story, music, art direction, and the ability to adjust the random encounter rate... but the walking controls are terribly sloppy. They threw in some rare, unskippable sliding/ sliding block puzzles, and I've only beaten them by sheer chance. The Magic school trial took me...