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  1. Rolo333

    Full Digigrade Fursuit + Charatcter Rights and Extras! Open to offers!

    deleted post (no idea how to delete posts for real atm, sorry)
  2. mithandir91

    A Question about Adoptables and image Rights

    Adoptions are a process where you, technically, buy the rights of a character's desing, right? Is possible to create a character design in a Open license/creative common where people are free to use then? If so, Is there any project like that? I'll be aiming to create a project where...
  3. SR71ALPHA

    Trying to remove my account from FA

    Hello fellow users and Staff of FurAffinity. I'm SR71ALPHA and it's been a very long time since I've been on here. I'm here to discuss the facts that if the staff of FA can remove the user's account from the Databanks as a request. Due to my past behaviour on FA I used it only for my works at...