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  1. XionMonro

    Sci-Fi rp NSFW romance

    Meet the VRL ISH-9-33 line. a highly advanced AI hyenaform capable of human emotion and characteristics unlike any other seen before. With models capable of preforming deep space missions. Models capable of going into battles. And a new civilian model capable of a tender touch, while still...
  2. S

    (Comic/Ask Blog) Ask Aijouki Anything

    Gonna post all the pages I have so far in bulk, for now You can post a question for her here, if you want
  3. Glitter_Daddy

    A Slice of Alley Life

  4. Glitter_Daddy

    WIP new illustration

  5. Glitter_Daddy

    Need some feedback, help me choose the best one.

  6. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking for an artist to help with character design (closed)

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist that can help design and draw an oc I've thought up. Preferably NSFW friendly but I'm fine if not. Basic character theme is a robotic bee with goo/slime elements, so naturally you'd have to be good at drawing mechanical bodies as well as fluids. Pretty flexible...
  7. Cuts

    Free Art: Looking for mechs to draw ♥ CLOSED

    Hello! I want to do some colored sketches but I'm in the robot mood >:3c I can only offer three slots atm <:3 Slot 1 : Yonell_Flow Slot 2 : Universe Slot 3 : Arnak Bonus Slot : Stray Cat Terry Please only post your OCs They can have any fur/metal ratio, but must have some mechanical...
  8. Galaxseed

    (Commission) Selling: High quality [SFW] commissions cartoon/anime style - 45-70 USD

    Hello and welcome to my page!! I am currently open for 3 slots! Can draw: Anthros (any species) Humans Robots Fan art Can not draw: NSFW / taboo fetishes Creatures Self portraits Turnaround time will range from 2/3 to 5 weeks depending on queue/ project size! If interested, email...
  9. Prismhawk

    18+ Sci-fi web comic

    I am writing a long form +18 Erotic Space-themed comic that updates on Wednesdays. It is full of sexy space shenanigans and exciting adventures Check it out here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/32837154/ or on Twitter
  10. R


    MODS ARE ASLEEP POST ANTHROPLANES IN THIS THREAD HERE ARE MINE I have more but I'll upload them later! I just NEED TO KNOW that other people still draw anthroplanes
  11. Nihles

    Let your phone do the talking!

    Just as it says, respond to the poster above you using your mobile device's auto complete: type the first word of your sentence and choose when to end it. I have never tried this so hopefully we get some good ones. Going to get dinner with my mom and sister in Christ alone and I will not be...
  12. I

    How will we treat future AI?

    We have all seen movies and read books regarding futuristic AI beings with incredibly complex emotions, free will, and self awareness. They can seem convincingly human when interacting with them, and can cause us to emit the same emotions we feel as we do with fellow human beings or intelligent...
  13. I

    "I Am Not A Robot"

    I am getting really irritated recently over people calling me a robot. I personally find it rather offensive considering I've specifically stated on multiple occasions that I am technically an android. There is a big difference between me and my other mechanical cousins. Allow me to shed some...
  14. pedge

    Commissions OPEN // Pedge Art // Humans, Animals, Robots, and more

    Hi I'm pedge and I like to draw art with a lot of movement in it Capes are A+++ Commissions done through PayPal invoices, once you order art, send me your email and I will send you the invoice. See second post for ToS and my art blog where I post my work because for some reason it won't let me...
  15. Syryth

    Up to $30 for NSFW Mech bits doodles/sketches

    Tldr; I have apantasia (close your eyes and imagine a beach. What did you see? I saw nothing). I can see the $30 left on a credit card though and I badly want to re-start a project. I need concept art (page of) mecha/robot/droid NSFW bits. I tried, I failed. Be my hero. I will spend up to $30...
  16. Zetsuboupuppet

    Zetsu's Commissions (Ref Sheets, Illustrations, Icons...)

    Hello! I'm Zetsu, graduated art student who's currently going through a bachelor of animation, specializing in 3D character animation. I'd be glad to work for you, if you have any project in mind! Make sure you read my ToS at the top of this thread! Contact me through this thread or through the...
  17. Fairy_Tiny_Rainbow

    Adopt robo-cat, only 5$

    I will sell my adopt robo-cat only for 5$ :З
  18. Dakinu

    Redoing Unfinished Megaman X Fan Art (CLOSED)

    I'd like for this image to be redone with a cleaner, sharper, and generally 'better' look. As you can see, it's a maverick/reploid in the megaman X style. I'd love to see it in a better form (and with a grey tail) as the previous artist did not commit to finishing it. I have $20 for a full...
  19. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Knights chronicles

    nagylouis.wixsite.com: FullMoonStories check that like to see my comic, i know it only have the 1 but more will come soon here is some art i did to so in a bit more detail the main forces of eahc side so far
  20. Nemnth

    Humans will become obsolete

    Hi guys, I've recently stumbled upon a very interesting video discussing how technology these days is quickly eclipsing anything any of us can do. It talks about how any position in the work force is at danger, even programming ones as robots can be programmed to program themselves. It also...