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  1. AceQuorthon

    Goth Mood

    Give me your favorite goth tunes to vibe to! I’m in a graveyard mood right now and I need the VIBES! Wolf Moon - Type O Negative Cain - Tiamat A Forest - The Cure More - Sisters Of Mercy
  2. BunnyThunder

    (Commission) Selling: Commisions open ! minimum 25 $

    Hello everybody ! The commisions are opened, in general I work for 25-30$/hour of work, it depends on the project etc (complexity, technique ...). And the price is negotiable :) but the minimum is 25$ But we can say that : -full-character/portrait, just line or shades of grey = 25-30$ -full...
  3. BunnyThunder

    New artist! advices ?

    Hi everybody, I'm new in the furry world and I wanted to say that I'm open to commissions, and to advices :) Here is my first subsmission. Have a nice day !
  4. Evok Studios

    My last commission <3 I love this girl!

    I loved drawing and painting this fursona. The owner says that the breed is called forzenta:oops:. It's so cool <3 :D
  5. Thrashy

    Psychedelic Rock

    As much as I love hard and heavy music, I find the lack of a psychedelic Rock thread disturbing :p So feel free to share everything stoner/psychedelic/space/experimental/progressive here :) I'll start with a few :D Steel Mill - Mijo And The Laying Of The Witch Pink Floyd - Set The Controls...
  6. Deathless

    Dream Theater fans anyone?

    I'm going to be seeing a favorite band of mine, Dream Theater, in early April and I've been listening to them nonstop lately. I'm going to see their new album Distance Over Time, along with the whole Metropolis Part 2 album live (20th anniversary celebration) and I can't wait to see that album...
  7. VertyWerty

    What is the most recent concert you've been to? And tell me your concert experience!

    The most recent concert I've been to is Twenty One Pilots on March 12, 2019. I'm going to tell you my concert experience about last night. Yesterday I had some good darn noodles from a noodle restaurant to feed my stomach a little bit before I enter the concert. And I went inside, went to my...
  8. V

    Is anybody else an EDEN fan?

    I'm an EDEN fan. You may know him as The EDEN Project. My favourite songs by him are: End Credits, forever//over, crash, love; not wrong (brave), start//end, wrong, take care, rock+roll, fumes (feat. gnash), wings and icarus. If you know him as well, then what is your favourite song or what...
  9. Guifrog

    Rock, paper, scissors, popsicles, machines, zebras, stuff

    Whazzup?! We're having a very nice luau on the beach and now it's time for some chilled out gaming. Here's how it works: I post a word, and the next one posts something that beats that word somehow. Likewise, the following poster tries to beat what the previous one used. Like this: User 1...
  10. Mike Nobody

    Hello, My name is Mike and I'm a furry

    That sort of felt like an Alcoholics Anonymous introduction. Anyway, I'm pretty new to the fandom. Of course, I've loved anthropomorphic animals since I was a kid, like almost EVERYONE else. Really, with the popularity of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, who doesn't? Zootopia is pretty popular...
  11. InfinityZ

    Any Evanescence Fans Here?

    I only found just one friend that is an Evanescence fan, and i'm so digging with their new album a lot. Are there any furries out there that know this band and listen to them as well? You can post your favorite Evanescence's songs down below as well. :3
  12. Mr Catnap

    Virtual cat band - The Catastrophes

    One of my main characters in my comics is a catgirl called Reeow. She is the lead singer and a guitarist in a band called The Catastrophes. As a spin off to the comics and art I did some real music for The Catastrophes as a virtual band. They have an EP out now which you can download from my...
  13. light tear drop

    Any one listen to Starset?

    Hey im just curios if anyone listens to starset? my fav song is carnivore how about you?
  14. zoinky

    Is there any other furs that like indie rock

    I been listening to a lot of indie rock lately and wanted some new artists to listen to and wondered if you found any good artists or songs
  15. HOFFY

    I made a chiptune album about my cat. Enjoy.

    Hi, guys. I'm Hoffy, a chiptune composer/metal musician from Canada. Here's my latest chiptune album that I've been working on since May this year. I made it using Famitracker, a sequencing program that allows you to program music for actual NES hardware. A quick blurb about the album: it's a...
  16. G

    What is in your opinion "True punk"?

    I personally recognize such bands like Sonic Youth, Sex Pistols, Melt Banana, Intense Degree, Negative Fx, Stooges as "true" punks, even though some of their music is not even close to "punk", since it's about the attitude. P.S. "GG Allin is my hero!!"