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  1. Checrypt_01

    Hello World!

    G'day everyone, my name is Nexus. It's very nice to meet y'all! I am a 16 year old, Autistic Shadow Dragon who loves soft vore and the furry community, and I'm so exited to see where my journey on this website will lead me My main hobbies are: Music Production, Ecology, Role-Play, Forensic...
  2. D

    RP/Story- MxM, Exotic, Kink (Long term & 18+)

    Hi there, Is anyone interested in doing a MxM sex roleplay with with me? The story takes place at a beach side city where my character is a lifeguard by day and a masked stripper at night. Here's a reference to the character that I want to use use...
  3. D

    Pokemon (FxF, MxM, MxF)

    Hello, I'm posting asking if anyone would be interested in doing something relating to Pokemon and NSFW. I'm open up to FxF, MxM, or MxF. I want to do a role play where the pokemons are anthro type. The role play could be either a Pokemon x Pokemon or Pokemon x Trainer. I'll me asking questions...
  4. D

    Finding a group/partner to roleplay with (NSFW or Kinky)

    Hi, I am looking for Role Play partner or a group that I can join or start. I like to do a combination of fantasy and sci-fi including fandom as well as other types of role plays. I'm doing just to have fun and have something to do in my free time. This also might be good for me to do to help...
  5. F

    Any Minecraft furry servers?

    I found a good deal on wifi, and laptops with shockingly low prices... I still have a Minecraft account, but I haven't played since the End City and elytra update. I'm looking for a furry server - I prefer survival or roleplay. Leave the address so I can copy and paste it, along with some info...
  6. DariusTheLoony


    Would anyone like to role-play with me? As I'm looking to do a crossover role play with other individuals characters with one of my own OC's. trust me when I say that this will not be fetish bait type of role play and it will not be the type of roleplay that will just be forced to do what others...
  7. DariusTheLoony

    I'm looking for a long time partner

    Greetings and salutations, You may not know me but I have been role-playing since 2009 and my literation skills our past expectations. But enough about that I am looking for a long-term roleplay partner that is into fantasy aspects like dungeons and dragons, comedy, action, and adventure as I...
  8. Nimah


    No thanks.
  9. Devo Waterfowl


    I'm looking to role-play as I do fantasy, Romance, mature content, action, comedy, sci-fi, gore, dark humor comedy, 18+ and even spice of life. When it comes to (MxM) I will fantasy, action, comedy, sci-fi, gore, dark humor comedy, and even spice of life but won't do Romantic as I am straight...
  10. someone_2isback

    I'm bored and want to start a good rp thread (18+ pls)

    this chat should not be for those under 18 years of age due to possible adult humor or slang, mainly just looking for folks who want to talk privetly by clicking on my profile pic
  11. Rigor_Omortis

    Looking for an RP partner MxF NSFW (Growth/size difference/Romance mainly) - Discord

    Heyo! Names Rigor Chians! But most people just call me 'Chains'! SO...The short story is like this! I am looking for someone (Male or female) interested in short to long term RP's that mainly involves growth/size difference/micro-Macro stuff! (I tend to be the small one..But can be big on rare...
  12. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Wolf in need of a long term RP of friends

    Greetings and salutations, I know that I have recently posted a Role-play request but to be honest this is literally asking if anyone would like to role play as friends only. My character is literally a wolf from Earth and space. It's a lot to take in when it comes to the fact that he doesn't...
  13. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Looking for a long term mate

    Greetings and salutations, it is only been a couple of days and I'm really enjoying my time here in furaffinity forum, but anyway I'm hoping that I can I can find a mate here. I know that a lot of people have lives outside of role play so I would like to try to find someone that is willing to...
  14. Otterman89

    Looking for NSFW RP

    I'm looking for someone to RP with as my human self. (MALE) NSFW with some SFW. I'll do preferably Hyena, any kind of canine, lizard, bat (non-vampire), any kind of avian and gryphon, but will take any species. I'll do with male or female, anthro or feral. I'd love to do stuff like being...
  15. J

    Macro-furry rp discord

    \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ boop
  16. P

    Anthro/Furry RP (18+)

    Hey! I'm looking for an Anthro/Furry RP partner for a (hopefully) long-term RP. My character is homosexual so M/M only! I'd prefer an experienced RP partner (At least 5 sentences although I understand sometimes it's hard to respond with that much, so less is alright at times) I'd like the plot...
  17. Kamenriderfire

    Looking for a partner interested in a modern/slight future RP.

    Looking for someone interested in playing in what I call a modern fantasy setting, with things where we haven't gone full sci-fi but stuff like holographic TVs displays and wall screen video-conferences are common, You [and your family?] live in a what we would call a lower class apartment. You...