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role play partner

  1. C

    Seeking Rp Partners(Here or Discord) Interest List

    Seeking new friends to rp and chat, help me cope with my pain and crippling depression. Genre: Fantasy/Medieval/Tabletop/Romaance/Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic/Modern/Post-Apocalyptic/Ancient/Sci-fi/Superhero/Nation/Slice-of-Life/Fandom/Horror List of Favored Topics/Subjects for RP...
  2. F

    Looking for friends to rp with on ESO xb1

    Looking for people to rp with on ESO. I'm on NA Server. My gamertag is Taconator10199 Ignore the name, it's no longer "Jeremy and Ra'anna", it's now just "Jeremy". I prefer using text chat in ESO, buy I do have a mic. I've been offline since late September of 2019, but Finally getting wifi...
  3. MediaWolf

    Looking for RP partners for discord. (18+ NSFW)

    Hello there, I am The Media Wolf. I'm an active role-player who enjoys creating worlds and stories. I'm looking for people to join me in these worlds. I like to mix adventure, action and romance along with the other good bits together in original RPs. I primarily like fantasy and sci-fi...
  4. Bluequill

    Looking for NSFW RP 1-on-1 partner

    Hi there! I'm looking for a partner interested in a NSFW RP. I am working on some stories and need to get past some writers block. A good roleplay always helps! For this session I'd prefer to partner with a dominant male. I can play either male or masculine herm. I can play human or fur...
  5. Commissionguy

    Seeking some nsfw Rp!

    Hi there! I'm glad if you took the time to look at my post! I love to role play as a femboy Link(will occasionally crossdress) and get into tons of sticky situations with him. Being that it's my first time on here too, I'd love to get some role plays started. All genders welcomed too! I like...
  6. K

    Rollplayer for hire

    Hi i am a Rollplayer for hire NSFW or SFW i dont mind, I took acting in school and i can be Very good at what i do Prices Vary on what the job is and how long you want me for PM me for details
  7. Sage Ezraelis

    Looking for a long-term RP that progresses to NSFW

    Hey guys! I'm currently looking for a partner to do a story-based RP that steadily progresses toward more erotic and NSFW material. I prefer to have a little build-up before the fun starts :p I'm also wanting it to be a long-term, continuous RP, so it doesn't necessarily have to end. I'm pretty...